Titles Golden Crab, Claws of Avarice
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General Info
Species Carapaceon
Habitats Aural Reef
Size Large
Relatives Kakamo
Signature Move Crushing Grasp
Elements Element Water
Ailments Waterblight


Weaknesses Ice
Creator Hastur the God Damn Unspeakable
Kakamonarch is a rare carapaceon that was first introduced in Monster Hunter Beyond.


Kakamora is a giant carapaceon that has purple and blue colored chitin with a back covered in gold that is created from within its body. When in dark areas, Kakamonarch gives off green and red bio-luminescent light from its body. The gold on its back also shines green. Kakamonarch has two pairs of claws, one giant pair for crushing prey and another for collecting valuables and body parts.

Behavior and Ecology

Kakamonarch is the leader of the Kakamo. Kakamonarchs are fascinated by shiny objects and will always go after precious objects before prey items. Hunters will usually lay precious metals around to lead the greedy beast into traps.


G Rank Carves

  • Kakamonarch Purplechitin
  • Kakamonarch Goldpiece
  • Neon Sac
  • Kakamonarch Swiperclaw
  • Kakamonarch Crusherclaw

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