Titles Hippopotamus Beast
Nicknames Kaba, Hippo
General Info
Species Fanged Beast
Habitats Deserted Island, Flooded Forest, Frozen Seaway, Polar Sea, Sunken Hollow, Swamp
Size 1582.30 cm
1028.28 cm
Relatives None
Signature Move Body Slam
Elements None
Ailments Status Defense Down Defense Down
Status Stun Stun
Weaknesses Element Thunder Thunder
Creator MonsterHunterFlacko

Kabahamut (カバハムート, Kabahamūto) is a Fanged Beast.


Kabahamut is a large Fanged Beast with a barrel-shaped body, thick pillar-like legs, blue gray skin with a dull pink stomach, and wide massive jaws that hold large canines and incisors. Kabahamut possess a pair of sharp tusks protruding from the sides of their mouths and two horns on its snout, one behind the other. The front horn is much longer then the back one, being almost twice as long. It has black feet with four blunt claws each, and a short tail.


Kabahamut has powerful jaws that function as its main weapon against predators. It is capable of crushing rocks with its jaws alone. It has thick skin which makes it impervious to physical damage and keeps it insulated when in the Frozen Seaway and Polar Sea. From its skin it secretes a highly acidic fluid. This fluid prevents predators from trying to take a bite out of Kabahamut.


Kabahamut are short-tempered, unbelievably aggressive, and will attack without provocation. Despite their large peg-like teeth, they are herbivores.


Kabahamut prefer into inhabit temperate moist areas like the Deserted Island, Flooded Forest, Sunken Hollow, and the Swamp. They can occasionally be seen at the colder, harsher Frozen Seaway and Polar Sea.


  • Kabahamut's name is a combination of 河馬 kaba (hippopotamus) and Bahamut as, in some accounts of the myths behind it, it is said to have the head of a hippo.
  • Kabahamut is obviously based off hippos, with some inspiration from elephants and rhinoceros.
  • Its head and teeth can be broken twice. To break its teeth a hunter needs to either trip or KO Kabahamut. When this is done will fall over on its side with mouth wide open, leaving its teeth vulnerable to attacks.
  • To regain stamina Kabahamut will eat from herb gathering spots.
  • When in Rage Mode, Kabahamut will coat its body in a layer of acid. This is identified by a layer of flowing fluid on its body. This will cause certain attacks to inflict Defense Down.
  • Kabahamut's roar requires HG Earplugs to block.

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