Jinuichii by Setheo
Titles Force Frog Wyvern
Nicknames Jinu, Ichii
General Info
Species Amphibian
Habitats Almost everywhere
Size Medium
Relatives Beishuagun
Signature Move Elemental Discharge
Elements Depends on where it's fought
Ailments Depends on where it's fought
Weaknesses Element Ice Element Water
Creator Setheo


Jinuichii's is a medium sized Amphibian covered in grey shelling with brown edges. The carapace that covers its front legs is extremely sturdy and acts like a shield. Its underside, not as heavily armored, is a white color. On its head are two long tufts of bright orange hair acting as "eyebrows".


Territorial and very aggresive, Jinuichii will attack threats until they're dead or fleeing.


Jinuichii has the ability to suck up heat or cold from its enviromnents and use this energy for powerful elemental attacks. When it's charged enough energy, the gem-like organs on its front legs will glow and it will slam its front leg on the ground, creating a burst of whatever element it's using. It will also sometimes coat one of its legs in mud, then shoot the shards out in multiple splinters.

Rage and Tired State

When enraged, it will croak loudly instead of roaring. It will become faster and attack more aggresively. When tired it will have a weak croaking voice, also recharging will take longer.


Same as other Amphibians.

Breakable Parts/Weakness Chart

  • Head
  • Front legs (twice each)


  • Using a Sonic Bomb when it's using its Elemental Burst attack will make it stumble and KO itself, damaging itself in the process.