Ishikura by T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting)
Titles Brute Dragon Overlord
Nicknames Ishi
General Info
Species Brute Wyvern
Habitats Found in areas with places for it to swim
Size Very Large
Relatives None
Signature Move Dragon Pulse
Elements Element Fire, Element Dragon, Element Thunder (If hit by Thunder element repeatedly)
Ailments Severe Fireblight Status Dragonblight
Weaknesses Element Ice

The Ishikura is a brute wyvern created by T1GREXHUNTER. It was first introduced in Monster Hunter Advance.


Ishikura's head is held low to the ground, and it's tail drags behind them. Their tongue has to hooks that the Ishikura uses to ensnare prey. Their jawline has three bony knobs on either side, and they possess pointed ears. They have a horn of their head that resembles a crescent. They have rigid, bony 'armor' that goes up their neck and stops at their shoulders, as well as three two-pointed spines that point forwards that rise up from each plate of armor. Behind the armor are fins similar to that of the Anjanath. The Ishikura's wings, however, have a webbing that somewhat resembles an insect's wings. Their tail is long armored. The weak points in it's tail are the fleshy joints that allow the tail to bend.


This monster has a slow metabolism, and thus moves rather sluggishly. They will devour several small monsters once they get hungry, and they typically save their energy. The more power their body has stored, the more red their plates will glow. Once they charge up enough energy, similarly to Zinogre, they will become enraged. They exit rage mode as soon as the excess energy has been used up. It's energy charging is accelerated if it is being attacked with the Thunder element, and is slowed if it is being attacked with Ice.


Ishikura focus on physical attacks when not enraged. They are adept at fighting, using kicks, tail swipes, body slams, and bite attacks. When enraged, however, they will use a lot more beam attacks. Their ranged attack arsenal is more powerful than bulky brutes like Deviljho. This makes them a threat to gunners and blademasters alike. They are capable of swimming for short periods of time.

Rage and Tired States

  • Rage State: Their plates and wings will turn and glow a bright blue, and they will be able to use their ranged attacks. Their eyes also glow orange, in the fashion of Nargacuga's. If they have been attacked with Thunder element, their ranged attacks will have electric sparks around them and will deal Thunder damage. Since it has what is essentially a second stamina bar, it will never become tired immediately after exiting rage mode.
  • Tired State: Their plates turn a dull gray, and shimmer with red occasionally. They will be much slower, and limp around. They will look for small monsters to devour in this state.


It can be mounted in two places, depending on where you land a hit while jumping. It is possible for two

Head- The hunter will mount on to the Ishikura's horn. There is no real danger here, except the risk of being thrown off. This area will not actually cause the Ishikura to fall over, but instead will cause it to enter a special stagger animation that lasts about the same time as a topple. However, the Ishikura's head will be out of reach to most blades.

Back- The hunter will mount in between the back two spines on the Ishikura's neck. If the Ishikura is enraged, the hunter will take heat damage, and if the hunter is incredibly unlucky, the Ishikura will use it's signature move, Dragon Pulse. If the mount is successful, the Ishikura will be toppled.



Ishikura is a Brute Wyvern, and is classified in the same family as Deviljho and other large Brute Wyverns.

Habitat Range

Ishikura are always found near water, typically near the sea. But they can also be found in places like the Flooded Forest. However, area like the Flooded Forest are more temporary, due to the Ishikura's size.

Ecological Niche

They are scavengers most of the time, devouring every piece of flesh and bone that sinks into the depths of the sea that they live in. They will sometimes go closer to the surface to hunt for food, although this is rather rare. For such a large monster with predatory adaptations, they seem to be more closely aligned to bottom feeders rather than oceanic hunters.

Biological Adaptions

While they are quite large, most of the adaptations they have are for defense. However, their slow metabolism was an adaptation that served these abyss dwellers well. On the defense side of things, they developed their spiny armor and large fins to deter would be thieves from their food. They are also able to store incredible amounts of energy in their plates, although this seems to be more of a predatory adaptation than a defensive one.


They tend to move very slowly, and laze around on the bottom of the ocean, waiting for a carcass to sink down. They only seem to to go the surface for oxygen under normal conditions, but they will rise if they are disturbed by a possible threat, like a Ceadeus. When they are pushed from their habitat, they will wander across land and sea, looking for a new place to call home.


  • Roar: The Ishikura's roar can do damage if you are too close, regardless of whether or not you are using earplugs, either normal or High-Grade.
  • Low Kick: The Ishikura will lift up one of it's feet and stand still for a second, before kicking forwards. It takes a second for the Ishikura to recover from using this move.
  • Pounce: The Ishikura will rear back and jump at a hunter with it's feet forwards. This move may hit multiple hunters, because the Ishikura's momentum causes it to slide forwards after landing.
  • Stomp: Deviljho's stomp attack. The tremor radius is much greater than normal.
  • Shoulder Charge: Deviljho's charge attack. Ends with the Ishikura quickly snapping it's jaws.
  • Low Tail Swipe: The Ishikura will lower it's tail and swipe it across the ground twice. It will use this if it's target is simply on the ground near it.
  • High Tail Swipe: The Ishikura will crouch down and raise it's tail upwards, spinning twice. It will use this if it's target is on a ledge the move could reach.
  • Chomp: The Ishikura will perform two bites, stepping forwards after each one, similarly to some Leviathans.
  • Burning Dragon Beam: The Ishikura will perform Deviljho's dragon breath, but the Ishikura's mist will deal both Fire and Dragon damage (And possibly Thunder)
  • Charged Energy Beam (Level 1): The Ishikura will charge a beam for a few seconds, and will unleash it. The beam has no limit to it's distance, and will not collide with other objects. It will instantly destroy them instead. This beam is blue in color.
  • Charged Energy Beam (Level 2): The Ishikura will charge a beam for a few seconds longer than Level 1, and will unleash it. This beam is orange and is significantly more powerful than Level 1.
  • Charged Energy Beam (Level 3): The Ishikura will charge a beam for around seven seconds, and will unleash it. This beam is purple and is even more powerful than Level 2, being almost a guaranteed one hit KO.
  • Dragon Pulse: Ishikura's spines will glow white, and after a few seconds it will release a blast, forming a bubble around it. If you are caught in this bubble, you will faint. The bubble fades after about three seconds.

Breakable parts

Head- Some of it's fangs will break, and it will receive a scar over it's right eye.

Claws- It's talons will break.

Back- One of it's spines will break, and the top half of it will fall off and onto the ground.

Tail x2- The first time, it's tail will show a little damage, like broken spikes and scars. Once enough damage has been done to it, the tail will be severed.



Rarity Name Attack Affinity Sharpness Element Description Price
Great Sword Icon Light Blue Totem of Power 1138 0% Blue/White Dragon-750

Fire- 475

A weapon that was made after the Ishikura's discovery. It is modeled after the unbridled rage of the monster, and it's raw strength. 110750z
Hammer Icon Light Blue Totem of Courage 1457 0% Blue/White Dragon-420

Fire- 155

A weapon modeled after Ishikura's unwavering courage, and it's valiant heart. It has a shimmering, steaming head. 135025z
Insect Glaive Icon Light Blue Totem of Technique 1063 5% Blue/White Dragon-895

Fire- 535

A weapon modeled after Ishikura's indomitable wit, and it's superior brain. It is both graceful and deadly. 100550z
Dual Blades Icon Light Blue Totem of Duality 567 5% White/Purple Dragon-225

Fire- 100

Weapons modeled after an ancient Ishikura's two sides; unity and war. The two blades strike as one, while destroying whatever lies ahead of them. They are made of gilded scales. 115520z

Armor (Blademaster)

Rarity Name Defense Slots Description Cost
Helmet Icon Light Blue Hideto Helm 114~168 o - - A helm made out of black scales. It resembles the helmet of an ancient sword fighter. 23460z
Chest Icon Light Blue Hideto Chestplate 114~168 oo - A chest piece made from Ishikura parts. It features a black cape with special markings. 23460z
Arm Icon Light Blue Hideto Braces 114~168 - - - Braces built to mimic an Ishikura's talons. They can rip through flesh as effectively as any weapon. 23460z
Waist Icon Light Blue Hideto Coil 114~168 ooo A belt crafted to hold items at the ready. It's buckle is adorned with a single Atomcell. 23460z
Leg Icon Light Blue Hideto Greaves 114~168 o - - These greaves look stiff, but they are rather flexible. They protect the wearer from the most vicious attacks. 23460z

Skills: Resuscitate, Quick Use, and Thunder Charge. The set also gives +7 to Fencing, but -9 to Hunger.

  • Quick Use speeds up the consumption animation for all items and removes the flexing animation after consuming items like Potions.
  • Thunder Charge is a skill that increases attack by 30 when the hunter is afflicted with minor Thunderblight, and 50 if the hunter is afflicted by Severe Thunderblight.

Armor (Gunner)

Rarity Name Defense Slots Description Cost
Helmet Icon Light Blue Yamane Cap 57~84 oo - A light, yet durable helmet. The power it gathers surges through one's shots and arrows. 23460z
Chest Icon Light Blue Yamane Mail 57~84 ooo An advanced piece of armor that charges energy that can be infused into ranged weapons. 23460z
Arm Icon Light Blue Yamane Gauntlets 57~84 o- - These sturdy gauntlets make firing guns a cinch by absorbing the recoil of firing. 23460z
Waist Icon Light Blue Yamane Belt 57~84 ooo This belt has many easy to reach pockets that can hold all of your items. 23460z
Leg Icon Light Blue Yamane Leggings 57~84 oo - Extremely flexible leggings that allow one to move quickly to a new position after firing at a monster, 23460z

Skills: Resuscitate, Quick Use, and Thunder Charge. The set also gives +7 to Dragon Atk, but -9 to Hunger.


Gorajho Icon by T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting) These massive Brute Wyverns charge up energy to use in battles.They are normally slow and relatively gentle, but when they become enraged, they are known to destroy entire cities in their wrath.



Icon Name Description
Scale Icon Black
Ishikura Netherscale A black scale from an Ishikura. It's various signs of damage prove the Ishikura's victories.
Claw Icon Black
Ishikura Hellrazor A damaged claw from an Ishikura. It is sharp enough to severely injure any monster that dares challenge the Ishikura.
Claw Icon White
Ishikura Armorcrusher The fang of an Ishikura. It has many fractures, but it can still crush many metals and other materials with ease.
Carapace Icon Black
Ishikura Battlecortex The damaged shell of an Ishikura. Despite it's rough condition, it is still one of the strongest materials out there.
Hide Icon Black
Ishikura Bullethide The hide of an Ishikura. It is riddled with bullets and sword shards from past encounters the beast has had with humans.
Monster Parts Icon Black
Ishikura Hardlash The tip of an Ishikura's armored tail. It is long enough to be used as a sword, should it be cut up and pieced back together.
Bone Icon Red
Ishikura Dragonspike One of the spines from an Ishikura's back. It still occasionally glows red, even after being removed from the behemoth's body.
Ball Icon Light Green
Ishikura Atomcell This mysterious object is found where the heart should be in certain Ishikura. It pulses different colors under different conditions.


Icon Name Description
Scale Icon Black
Ishikura Luciferscale An Ishikura scale with a hellish aura. It's various scratches prove it's former bearer's lust for destruction.
Claw Icon Black
Ishikura Devilspear This hooked claw has ended the lives of many, hunters, monsters, and innocent bystanders alike.
Claw Icon White
Ishikura Angelripper A fang that is said to be able to cut spirits in half, disbanding them forever. Even if this is a superstition, the fang is no less deadly as a weapon.
Carapace Icon Black
Ishikura Demoncortex The beaten shell from an evil Ishikura. It's damages are those caused by hunters that tried to stop it's rampage.
Hide Icon Black
Ishikura Tartarushide This hide is full of cuts and bullet wounds that the Ishikura received on it's last rampage. Even with all the damages, the beast still lived.
Monster Parts Icon Black
Ishikura Demonlash An incredibly hard part of an Ishikura's tail. It has been the demise of many souls, human and monster alike.
Bone Icon White
Ishikura Geddonspike A white spike from an evil Ishikura's back. It once held the energy that the beast used to use to bring entire civilizations to their knees.
Mantle Icon Black
Ishikura Spiritstone A black stone that emits a malicious aura. Some say the spirit of the slain Ishikura still lies within.


  • The Ishikura will very rarely use it's Level 1 Charged Beam when not enraged.
  • Most of this monster's attacks leave it's breakable parts wide open while it regains it's balance, making it less annoying and more fun to fight than the World Eater Deviljhos that it shares a similar size with.
  • The Ishikura can be carved 6 times.
  • In Z-Rank, it's spines and eyes become pure white, and it learns from the player's attack pattern. It will attempt to counter the player's attacks, but it doesn't always succeed...


  • Ishikura is based on Godzilla, but it doesn't particularly take inspiration from any one suit. In fact, it's design isnt even wholly Godzilla influenced. It also has Easter eggs that refer to GMK (Ghidorah's horn, Baragon's ears, Gigan's fins, and Mothralike 'eyes' on it's fins.)
  • The various levels of the charge beam attack are based on Godzilla's atomic breath, and each corresponds to a different incarnation. Blue is the standard for Godzilla's atomic breath, orange was used by Burning Godzilla and Godzilla 2000, and purple was used by Shin Godzilla.
  • It's name is based on Ishiro Honda, the director of the first Godzilla movie and many Showa series films, Akira Ifukube, the composer for many iconic Godzilla pieces, and Gojira.