The Impervious Mandir (Japanese 永寺) is a special area similar to the tower, but located in a frozen mountain range lashed by strong blizzards. It is unknown who constructed the mysterious temple, but it has remained unaltered over centuries and now it's become a den of polar monsters.


Impervious Mandir Map by Narwhaler
  • Base camp: Located over a cliff and protected for the strong winds that blow through the ice mountains. Hunters can see the temple from far.
  • Zone 1: A path through a steep canyon, so deep that hunters can't see the bottom, only darkness and frozen winds blowing through it.
  • Zone 2: After passing the canyon, the hunters reach the area where hunters can start seeing the temple, they must cross a narrow, crumbling bridge to reach the entrance. Hunters can see the enormous building coming out of a giant frozen wall, as if it was part of the mountain. There are tall obelisk-like structures, some of them have fallen and hunters can use them to jump.
  • Zone 3: A small chamber that remains almost intact. The floor and the walls are decorated with beautiful motifs, the roof consists on a dome, and a small aperture on it makes snow fall over the room.
  • Zone 4: A long corridor that bends right, with several columns at the sides, some of them are broken and debris covers some parts. It leads to the entrance of the main chamber.
  • Zone 5: The final area where the hunters face most of the monsters. It consists on a huge chamber supposed to be the site where religious ceremonies were made. It has crumbling walls and some kind of altar at the front, there are two wide pillars at the sides and some fallen pillars that hunters can use to jump. Most of the roof has fallen down, and one of the borders of the chamber is completely destroyed making the wind and snow enter the zone.


  • Small monsters: ???
  • Big monsters: ???


  • During special quests (monsters in the last area) there will be a secret passage at the beginning of zone 1 that serves as shortcut to the mid of zone 4.
  • During normal quests the entrance to zone 5 will be blocked.

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