General Information

Nectar gathered from Hukimas is raw and can only be used combined with other items or worked at the Nectar Combeener. Special items and Kinsect nectar can be obtained by doing that.

The Nectar Mechanics are included in Monster Hunter Project Gigas

Nectar Gathering

  • Nectar can be gathered in different ways. One way is petting a wild Hukima right, another is killing a Hukima that gathered honey (leaves a shiny). The last way is to play the Nectar Gathering minigame with ones pet Hukima.
    • The color a wild Hukima has directly shows what kind of Nectar this Hukima has gathered and also shows what color the flower had it gathered it from. Sometimes a golden color can be found at Hukima which means a rare nectar can be obtained from it.
    • The nectar which can be gathered differs in each Rank (Low, High or G-Rank) in both the Plagued Meadows as well as the minigame. Some rare nectars can only be obtained by wild Hukimas in G-Rank, not in the minigame.

Special items made of combinations with Nectar

  • Fragrant Bomb: An item thrown on the ground to unleash its effect. Similar to a Hunting Flute it can lure monsters to the area but it is aimed for monsters that are more reliant on smell rather than hearing.
  • Nectar Bait: Similar to Meat (Raw, Drugged, Poisoned, etc.) it is a bait for monsters to feed on but is more effective against Neopterons or monsters which like to feed on Nectar rather than meat (also herbivores)

Nectar Combeener

The Nectar Combeener is a shop in a certain city where also the Hukima garden is. Gathered raw nectar can be brought to it and gets made into Kinsect Nectar. The better the nectar the better the effects the Kinsect Nectar gets. Also certain more common nectar can be farmed by the shopkeeper similar to the Moga Farmer etc.

The Nectar Combeener can be upgraded by villager requests to make better Kinsect Nectar.


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