General Information

As Hukimas are very docile, peaceful monsters and because of their lovely, fluffy appearance, human(-like) species have domesticated them for keeping them as pets. This led to a thriving breeding system as well as many different patterns and colors Hukima is able to have from it.

In Monster Hunter Project Gigas the player gets a Hukima at a set point in the game which he/she can freely customize.

Customization and other game-specific features

  • The player can choose the coloration from a set of possibilities, from the natural coloration (lime-black) to a extraordinary one.
  • The patterns on the body can also be chosen.
  • Different body parts like the form of the antennas and other things are customizable as well.
  • Hukima is held in a garden behind one's house in a certain village. There the player is able to play the minigames (introduced further below).
  • Each player can get only one Hukima but it is possible to share the data with others to trigger certain, small events inside the garden.
  • Hukimas can be cuddled like Poogies and achieve better results in minigames the more they like you.


There are two minigames in the garden, Nectar Gathering and Bug Chasing. (may be updated)

Nectar Gathering

Nectar gathering is similar to Nyanters or hired hunters. You can send your Hukima off to gather Nectar, do a quest and then receive the gathered Nectar. Different ranks get you different kind of nectars yet some nectars can only be gathered in G-Rank Plagued Meadows off of wild Hukimas.

Bug Chasing

Similar to catching fish with the net machine, a net machine is involved here too. Hukima gets send out to scare out the insects off a tree and chases a swarm of insects. The goal is to catch as many of the the insects inside the net as possible. But look out, if you catch Hukima it gets angry and you get only scraps. There are three trees available representing Low, High and G-Rank.


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