The idea is to recreate monsters from the First Generation which would not be enough for today MH standards, such as Cephas, Yian Kut Ku, Gypceros, Gravios, Plesioth and so on, these can be created by trusted fanon users and their pages would contain a little emblem signifying they're part of the 1st Gen Redesign series, then anyone can link to these monsters in their projects, but only their original creator can modify their pages or give permission for others to add onto it.

Redesigned Gravios

I can picture a Gravios redesign being a massive Brute Wyvern (Around the size of Deviljhos) with their stone armors on the top body and small arms with vestigial wings, a vertically flatter tail with two larger spikes at each side on the end to be used as pickaxes to break rocks and obtain ores, large powerful legs and softer/thinner armor on it belly to remain as its weakness. The Basarios would have a similar look but less developed and with wing membranes that can be used for better aerodynamics when running away from stronger monsters, theirs limbs can still be used for digging, which it still uses to disguise itself as part of the environment, sometimes a hungry Gravios may strike a Basarios with their pick tail unknowingly.

Black Gravios would remain as a Gravios that was burnt by lava in its Basarios days, they constantly look for ice crystals and colder environments to regulate their body temperature.

Feel free to suggest other ideas.

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