This Patch note idea is thought for the "Fan Game: Monster Hunter Project Gigas".


This page will list more or less all possible patch note ideas that have come to mind for the Fan Game:Monster Hunter Project Gigas.


Upon playing the Monster Hunter series users have issued multiple mistakes that should have been fixed since long ago.  Also new mistakes and other minor bugs or rather unpleasant mechanics have been noticed and should be fixed. This page will be where those issues will be listed and corrected

Users are allowed to post suggestions and idea in the comment section.


  • Monsters will now have a bleeding animation (Blood stains and drops on the floor when the monster is moving) when their tails are severed. This will add a more realistic touch to the MH Series.
  • Monsters will close their eyes when they are dead or the eyes will role behind.
  • When the Tail is severed the attacks a monster does with its tail will be reduced, meaning it will do less tail attacks.
  • Hunters are now able to collect their own traps if they are not used or misplaced. The hunter will use the same animation when setting a trap for collecting it.
  • Kinsects will have a further reach if they are a cutting type, and a lesser reach if they are a blunt type.
  • Roars of certain large monsters now last a bit longer.

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