This Idea was created to improve the "berries" within the game of the Fangame "Monster Hunter Project Gigas", thus this Idea was mainly created only for that game. It is based a bit on the idea of using soem "Alchemy" and the pokemon mechanic from 3rd Gen where players could plant berries and harvest them after a certain point.

Berry Mechanic

There will be a mechanic where berries can be mixed with potions to strengthen or alternate the effect of a potion. Meaning a normal "Hot Drink" can be improved to "Hot Drink +1" or the alike. "Alchemy" is only possible within a quest or can only be done under certain conditions outside of it.

  • Idea here would be to have a special or rare NPC that would only pop up every now and then in the Players private farm. The name for that NPc would be the "Wandering Druide" (but that name still has to be revamped). To unlock the Druide the player would have to start a special series of gathering quests, advancing then into slaying/capturing chlorowyvern.

Vivid Berries

Also certain Berries can be planted and improved meaning a new type of berries would be available with improved effects, the so called "Vivid" berries. Aside from that there would also now be the "Doton Berries" (Earth Berry) and the Whistle Berry (Wind Berry) which have the same effect as Adamant/Demon Seed + ressistence to Blight of either Wind or Earth depending which on it is.

Advanced Tree Mechanic

Aside from that mechanic, Players would now be able to harvest from trees like they did in MHFU with the tree in the Pokke Farm. Depending on the Item they have (a weapon that can be charge would be needed) the hunter will do a small animation to hit the tree and shake it. With that the tree can either be shaked or even destroyed and broken. When the tree shakes there can be 1-3 shiny drops found on the ground around it. Each shiny drops from a tree will have 1-5 Berries or other fruits, seeds and the such. When the tree is broken adn falls to the ground a special kind of wood can be gathered as also berries from the leafes.

  • The carving animation will be done at the wood and also by the leafes, as the hunter has to cut the berries from the tree.
  • The hunter can also use the bugnet to swing it 1-4 times to capture some bugs where the leaves are
  • Frogs and worms can be gathered at the roots from a tree that has been knocked over.

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