The idea originated from Setheo and will be used in Monster Hunter Project Gigas. Basically it is a secret amount of skill points given to a player while he is creating a character at the start of the game. There are 16 skills that can be found when creating a character. The skills are invisible to the player until he does a certain quest serie called the trials. After completing the series the user is able to see the hidden skill. The skill can vary from +1 to +4.

Skill List

The 16 Skills available are:

  • Attack (+1 ~ +4)
  • Defense (+1 ~ +4)
  • Fencing (+1 ~ +2)
  • Focus (+1 ~ +4)
  • Weakness Exploit (+1 ~ +3)
  • Windproof (+1 ~ +3)
  • Earplugs (+1 ~ +3)
  • Sharpness (+1 ~ +2)
  • Razor Sharp (+1 ~ +2)
  • Partbreaker (+1 ~ +3)
  • Eating (+1 ~ +3)
  • Mycology (+1 ~ +4)
  • Load Up (+1 ~ +4)
  • Evasion (+1 ~ +3)
  • Guard (+1 ~ +3)
  • Protection (+1 ~ +4)

Other Notes

  • Upon creating a char, certain lettern being in a users name will raise the chance of getting certain skills. Also the appearance a charater choses at the start may influence some skill to be available and also the amount.
    • For example some hair colors will make a skill to have the highest amount combined with a name with a certain letter.
  • Using Numbers in a character Name will set skill points to +1 and will be raised even with a certain combination of looks that would normaly rais the skill points to MAX.
    • This was implented to avoid users using names like K1r1t0 or A5un4.
  • Character created within the first slot of the character screen tend to have more Offensive Skills while on the second slot there are more defensive skills. The Third Slot has more handy skills such as mycology/HGE/windproof and such.

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