This page is more like an expansion exclusive to "Monster Hunter Project Gigas".


The Arsenal Room Expansion was an Idea Setheo got ages ago andfinally managed to post it. He was inspired to this idea while playing minecraft and the wish to display his armor.


Hunters will now be able to unlock a special room in their own house. This will be available after clearing a special urgent and a small storyline. Unlocking it will allow players to display 1 armor set, which they have to register first in their armor options. After doing another special urgent the number of displaying sets will be increased to 3, after that 6 and the final urgent of the questline will allow 12 Sets to be displayed.

Weapons can also be displayed. either on the display set or on the other side of the arsenal room. The same display number goes as for the Armors; 1,3,6 and 12 at final.

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