This Idea tackles the "Big Weapons" within the monster hunter world. Normaly hunters would use a weapon of defense in certain areas to repell or slay bigger monsters such as Elder Dragons. While this seems fine as it is, there where a few flaws with that idea, thus this idea page was created.

First of all, all weapons that are usually being used are now locked on the quest (dragonator, Ballistas,hunting gong etc) hence they are not visible and or usalbe if the players have not unlocked it. Weaponaries are now purchaseable through using points. Depending on the weapon of choise the fee for unlocking the weapons lies between 1k - 10k Points. Weapons can also be used by using money, which would be 1,5k - 15k zenny.

Each player can only Unlock/upgrade one weapon of choice. This limitation has been added to avoid players using 7-9 weapons and upgrade them to max and go full blasted UBER on one monster. There are up to 8 weapons available (MHPG will have up tp 14) depending on the area the hunters are for example: hunting grounds, Airship, Ships.

Weapons will be locked at the start of the quest. After being unlocked, depending on which weapon was chosen, there will be upgrade options for each weapon. The upgrdaes vary from Strength (Increases the damage or duration of a weapon), Ammo (adds additonaly ammo to the quest depending on how often it was upgraded) and Reload (reduces the reload time of a weapon).

After each quest the hunter will have to gather points again to reuse/unlock the weapons again, the reason why is simple: after each battle the weapons get damaged or worn down and have to be polished up and repaired to do so hunters will use the points invested to actually "pay" NPC's to prepare the weapons they decided to use. This way a certain "realism" is kept within the new idea.

Each player can only pick one single Weapon, meaning that 4 players acannot use the same Weapon. This limmitation was added to avoid 4 players using 4x Canons upgrade them to max and them lock down a monster while the others spam with the canons. Whe nunlocked and upgraded though every player can access each weapon.

Upgrade of each Weapon

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