Soooo... I have come up with an Idea for a special weapons System. I came up with this Idea some time ago but wasn’t sure if I should even mention it. Also I only had this one weapon Idea.

You ever had that feeling you wanted to destroy a special Monster that you realy hate? Just to get the revenge for all those defeats you had to endure during your Quests as you started a game? So now with the Idea I started to think about (since I hate/love Plesioth) to make a special Hammer looking like a Rod that deals Special/ additional Damage to the Plesioth. Yes, you have read it correct “Special/Additional Damage”. What that means? Welp, here's an example:

Hammer Icon Light Blue Example Path

Weapon Name Attack Attribute Sharpness Affinity Slots Defense Rarity Cost
Hammer Icon WhitePlesioth Rod 600* -* 5% --- - 9 254000z

(Additional Damage: +200 when fighting against a Plessioth or Plesioth Sub species, Attribute activated: Thunder + 300 When fighting against a Plessioth or Plesioth Sub species)

So again this is an overpowered Idea and will not be recognized in the Fanon Weapon List. Meaning if I see this in one of the weapons I'll delete it. BUT you may add your ADS (Additional Damage System) Idea to this page. As I always enjoy to see when people contribute.

  • I also thought of adding a special “Fishing” (For Hammer/Hunting Horn) and “Drill” (Lance/ Gunlance) system. Though it would be quite useless and also just overpowered.
    • The “Fishing” system is Simple: while you can use now your Hammer/HH as a Rod you can make a special move attack to deal a critical damage as you fish out your monster, it should be mentioned that there has to be a good timing in the fishing as also in the Bonus attack. If note I thought of a penalty that the Monster plus you in if you don’t fish correct and that you get thrown back dealing a bit of damage when you fail on doing the bonus att. (NOTE: Only Event Hammers/HH will have this ADS and wouldn’t be able to upgrade as they as beast themselves)
    • The “Drill”: When fighting a Monster with a hard armor Skill like for example Basarios/Gravios you can use a special move to drill into the skin of the monster dealing thrice damage for a short amount of time also making you break stuff more easly. Though when performing this attack you stand still and won’t move for 2-3 sec and damage dealt to Hunter will be doubled as the sharpness falls automatically by one.

~ Setheo