Titles Yellow Quill Beast
Nicknames Hystri
General Info
Species Fanged Beast
Habitats Flooded Forest, Jungle, Verdant Hills, Great Forest, Jurassic Frontier, Primal Forest
Size Largest: 987.65 cm
Shortest: 543.21 cm
Relatives Spiny Despot Hystrix, Colophtor, Arzuros, Redhelm Arzuros, Panda Arzuros, Lagombi, Snowbaron Lagombi, Witch Lagombi, Easter Lagombi, Volvidon, Pararoll Volvidon, Christmas Volvidon
Signature Move Spine Shake
Elements None
Ailments None
Weaknesses Element Thunder Thunder
Element Water Water
Creator MonsterHunterFlacko

Hystrix (ヤマラチク, Yamarachiku) is a Fanged Beast.


A Fanged Beast with mustard colored fur. Its backside is coated with numerous, long, sharp spines. Most of the spines are brown but there are bands of white spines that run horizontally along the upper back, mid-back, and lower back. These spines mostly lie flat against the creature's back but they become erect at times. Its limbs possess five clawed feet. The tail is short and covered in spines, giving it a bushy appearance.


Hystrix is covered in long, sharp spines that protects it against predators. These spines are loosely attached to the beast's body and are released by contact or may drop out when the creature shakes its body.


Hystrix are omnivorous but eat mostly plant material such as fruits, roots, grass, and nuts. They have been reported to feed on carrion and bones.


Hystrix live in forests such as the Jurassic Frontier, Jungle, Flooded Forest, Verdant Hills, Great Forest, and the Primal Forest.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms

Spiny Despot Hystrix

Main Article: Spiny Despot Hystrix

A Deviant of Hystrix.



No available icon. Fanged Beasts with numerous sharp quills covering their bodies. These quills can be shaken off to deter predators. They are difficult to remove once they have become lodged in flesh, which can lead to more serious injuries and infections.


  • Order: Pelagusia
  • Suborder: Hard Claw
  • Superfamily: Quill Beast
  • Family: Hystrix

Hystrix is a member of the Fanged Beast class and is related to Colophtor, Arzuros, Lagombi, and Volvidon.

Habitat Range

Hystrix can be found in the Verdant Hills, Jungle, Great Forest, Jurassic Frontier, and the Primal Forest of the Old World. In the New World they are known to live in the Flooded Forest.

Ecological Niche

Hystrix is in the middle of the food chain, feeding mostly on plant material like fruits, roots, grass, and bark. However, they do occasionally eat carrion and even bones. Hystrix avoids predators like Rathalos, Rathian, Tigrex, Nargacuga, Raizekusu, Gore Magala, Najarala, Glavenus, Deviljho, Rajang, and Elder Dragons like Kirin.

Biological Adaptations

Hystrix is protected by a coat of sharp quills. These quills can easily penetrate and puncture armor and are difficult to remove once lodged into whatever they pierced into. The spines are loosely attached to Hystrix and can be removed by trauma or the animal shaking its body. The quills usually lie flat against the creature's back but can become erect and stand on end when threatened. While the spines protect the beast's backside, its front is armed with vicious claws. These claws are used to dig up roots, climb and tear down trees, burrow, and ward off enemies.


Hystrix are omnivores that eat plant material and carrion. They use their quills and claws to protect themselves. They sleep underground to avoid being attacked by predators.


  • Hystrix comes from the Latin word "hystrix", which means porcupine.
  • When Hystrix shakes, it will drop quills. Getting hit by the quills mid air will deal moderate damage and causes knock back. If they miss the Hunter, they will lodge into the ground. Stepping on them causes minor damage and trips the Hunter.
  • The spines on its back stand on end when Hystrix enters Rage Mode. It will also huff smoke from its mouth.
  • The quills on its back and its head crest can be broken. Breaking its back spines will reduce the number of quills it drops when it shakes.