Hypnosis Thanagilo
Hypnosis Thanagilo
Titles The Hypnotizing Wyvern
Nicknames Hypno Gilo
General Info
Species Bird Wyvern
Habitats Frozen Seaway, Snowy Mountains/Arctic Ridge, Polar Sea, Everwood
Size Largest: 1003.76 cm
Shortest: 732.21 cm
Relatives Thanagilo
Signature Move Ice Beam, Barb Throw
Elements Element Ice Ice
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Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Element Thunder Thunder
Creator Clairebear165

Hypnosis Thanagilo (催眠デッドリータロン, Saimin Deddorītaron) is a Subspecies of Thanagilo that appears in Monster Hunter DX.


Hypnosis Thanagilo looks like it's cousin, but is smaller. The vibrant forest green scales are now silver-grey, and the underbelly is a darker grey. The feathers on Hypnosis Thanagilo's arms and legs are snow-white, and the inside of the bird wyvern's mouth is candy-red while it's tongue is rose-red. The monster's eyes are forest green, and the black spikes are now ivory-grey. The base of the end of Hypnosis Thanagilo's tail is skinnier and sharp-ended. The tail is also shorter than it's cousins.

Hypnosis Thanagilo
Question Mark Icon Purple The cold-dwelling cousins of Thanagilo. These bird wyverns are usally found in cold areas and use there sleep-inducing barbs to hunt.

Rage and Tired States

  • Rage State:

When enraged, Hypnosis Thanagilo will start huffing black steam and the feathers on the monster's arms and legs are puffed up. It's attacks become stronger and also speed increases.

  • Tired State:

When tired, Hypnosis Thanagilo's attacks and speed will decrease and it will start drooling. It will fail to use it barb fling attack and ice beam. It will look for a monster carcass or hunt the herbivores in the area to recover stamina.


You mount Hypnosis Thanagilo the same way with Great Jaggi.


Instead of poison, the barbs on Hypnosis Thanagilo's tail are filled with a sleep-inducing liquid. It can fire these barbs, but with more accuracy than normal Thanagilo. It can also fire a beam of ice at the hunter, which causes iceblight if hit.


Hypnosis Thanagilo, unlike their humid area inhabiting cousins, are usually found in areas like Frozen Seaway and Snowy Mountains. They have also been seen inhabiting the Polar Sea, while still a frozen environment, is out Hypnosis Thanagilo's predicted habitat range.



Order: Saurischia - Suborder: Theropoda - Family: Bird Wyvern - Species: Thanagilo - Subspecies: Hypnosis Thanagilo

Ecological Niche

Hypnosis Thanagilo will prey on small monsters that include Popo and Pokara. Their serrated talons are adapted to gripping, not cutting. Hypnosis Thanagilo hunts it's prey by putting them to sleep then rips the monster apart. They will also hunt smaller carnivores that include zamite and giaprey. Hypnosis Thanagilo will hide from larger monsters that include Barioth, Zamtrios, Brachydios, and Giaorugu.

Biological Adaptations

Hypnosis Thanagilo lives in freezing climates, mostly sighted on Frozen Seaway and Snowy Mountains, these bird wyverns don't take it too kindly to hunters invading their territory. They are normally preyed upon by Zamtrios, Tigrex, and sometimes Giaorugu.


Hypnosis Thanagilo is highly agressive, but will only attack if a hunter is in it's territory.


High Rank

  • Bite

Hypnosis Thanagilo will attempt to bite the hunter.

  • Tail Swipe

Hypnosis Thanagilo will swipe at the hunter with it's tail. Unlike normal Thanagilo, this attack won't put you to sleep

  • Hip Check

Hypnosis Thanagilo's hip-check is the same as Great Jaggi's.

  • Tail Slam

Hypnosis Thanagilo will slam it's tail into the ground sending barbs flying in three directions.

  • Barb Throw

If out of Hypnosis Thanagilo's melee range, it will swing it's tail and fire sleep-inducing barbs. If hit, the hunter will fall asleep.

  • Ice Beam

Hypnosis Thanagilo will rear it's head back before firing a beam of ice at the hunter. If hit, the hunter will get iceblight.

Rage Mode Only

All attacks will increase in damage and speed while also adding some new ones.

  • Lunge

Hypnosis Thanagilo will lunge at the hunter in a way similar to Velocidrome.

  • Pinning Lunge

Hypnosis Thanagilo will clack it's feet on the ground before lunging at the hunter. If hit, the monster will pin him/her to the ground with it's feet and starts biting him/her. Use a dung bomb to escape.

  • Lunging Swipe

Hypnosis Thanagilo first do it's tail swipe attack before going into a lunging attack immediately after.

  • Hypnosis Thanagilo will use it's ice beam attack more often.
  • When using it's tail slam attack, five barbs will be sent flying instead of three.

Breakable Parts

  • Head (Scarred)
  • Tail (Severed)
  • Arm Feathers (Broken)


High Rank
Rarity Name Defense Slots Description Price
Helmet Icon Green Gilo Helm U 51-122 --- A helmet forged from Hypnosis Thanagilo materials. 8900z
Chest Icon Green Gilo Mail U 51-122 -00 A breastplate forged from Hypnosis Thanagilo parts. Even more lighter than normal Gilo armor, if that's even possible. 8900z
Arm Icon Green Gilo Vambraces U 51-122 0-- Dull grey Vambraces crafted from Hypnosis Thanagilo parts. The feathers on it almost seem to glow. 8900z
Waist Icon Green Gilo Faulds U 51-122 00- Faulds made from the finest hide of a Hypnosis Thanagilo. The white feathers are the most stunning part on any armor part. 8900z
Leg Icon Green Gilo Greaves U 51-122 -0- Hypnosis Thanagilo greaves made from the bird wyvern's scales. Durable while also being lightweight. 8900z
Rarity Name Defense Slots Description Price
Helmet Icon Orange Gilo Helm Z 92-141 --- The helmet needed for the G-Rank Hypnosis Thanagilo armor set. 16000z
Chest Icon Orange Gilo Mail Z 92-141 -00 A breastplate forged from a G-Rank Thanagilo subspecies parts. Very rewarding when you get the whole set. 16000z
Arm Icon Orange Gilo Vambraces Z 92-141 0-- Dull grey Vambraces crafted from G-Rank Hypnosis Thanagilo parts. The white feathers are the only things that kept their bright color. 16000z
Waist Icon Orange Gilo Faulds Z 92-141 00- Faulds made from the finest hide of a Hypnosis Thanagilo. The white feathers are the most stunning part on any armor. 16000z
Leg Icon Orange Gilo Greaves Z 92-141 -0- G-Rank Hypnosis Thanagilo greaves made from the bird wyvern's scales. Durable while also being lightweight. 1600z


Hypnosis Thanagilo Materials (High Rank)
Icon Name Description
Scale Icon Grey H. Thanagilo Scale+ A dull grey scale bound to Hyponosis Thanagilo's body. It doesn't scratch easily.
Fang Icon Grey H. Thanagilo Fang+ A peeled back, razor sharp fang from cold-climate thriving Thanagilo. Very easy to prick you're finger on these.
Claw Icon Grey H. Thanagilo Claw+ Curled back talons from Hypnosis Thanagilo. The black tint is surprisingly shiny.
Feather Icon White H. Thanagilo Feather+ A snowy-white feather from cold-dwelling Thanagilo. Also very sharp.
Hide Icon Grey H. Thanagilo Hide+ The dull, tough pelt of a Hypnosis Thanagilo. Sometimes used for making carpets.
Monster Parts Icon Grey H. Thanagilo Barb+ A long barb from the tail of Hypnosis Thanagilo. Inside is a sleep-inducing fluid that some use for helping people with insomnia.
Sac Icon Blue Sleep Sac A monster organ that contains a knockout powder capable of inducing sleep.
Hypnosis Thanagilo Materials (G-Rank)
Icon Name Description
Scale Icon Grey H. Thanagilo Shard The grey scale from the G-Rank Thanagilo's subspecies. Has become more dull, if that is even possible.
Fang Icon Grey H. Thanagilo Incisor Curved fangs from a elderly Hypnosis Thanagilo. Has been worn down over the monster's life.
Claw Icon Grey H. Thanagilo Iceclaw A G-Rank Hypnosis Thanagilo claw. It has lost it's shine, but kept the gripping factor.
Feather Icon White H. Thanagilo Frostfeather The feather's bright white color has been dulled down, but is still beautiful and deadly.
Hide Icon Grey H. Thanagilo Piel The grey tint of this bird wyvern's hide is nearly black due to age. Still doesn't tear easily.
Monster Parts Icon Grey H. Thanagilo Injector A Thanagilo's most dangerous weapon, this barb does not disappoint. Just one dose could put you into a coma.
Sac Icon Blue Coma Sac A monster organ that contains dangerous powder. One whiff can induce a coma.


  • Hypnosis Thanagilo get the term "Hypnosis" because of it's ability to put it's foes to sleep.
  • Hypnosis Thanagilo will sleep in area 4 of Frozen Seaway to recover health.