Howlicoun Render by Setheo
Titles Silent Death
Nicknames Owly
General Info
Species Bird Wyvern - Avior
Habitats Flooded Forest
Size 1510.00 cm
630.10 cm
Relatives N/A
Signature Move Wind Gust
Elements Element Wind Wind
Ailments Severe Windblight Windblight
Weaknesses Element Ice Ice
Element Earth Earth
Creator Setheo


The Howlicoun's wings, as discovered by the guild after the first was slain, are not the source of the beast's stunning abilities. These powers come from a special organ inside each wing that can store and release energy in the form of light. These monsters are not suited for long, drawn out battles, but are excellent at ambushing prey. When flying, the organs in the wings take in light energy from the surroundings. One can tell if a Howlicoun is flying overhead if the stars start to dissapear. Older Howlicouns can make the moon dissapear for a short while.


Strictly nocturnal, the Howlicoun hunts only during night. During the day, it is nearly impossible to find one, as their wings intensify the shade around the area they are sleeping. They do are not encountered very easily, even on specialized hunts, many hunters say that most of the challenge of hunting one is simply finding one.

Breakable parts

  • Face (x2)
  • Wings (x2 on each side)
  • Chest
  • Tail


  • Howlicoun Icon