Titles Prompt Hornet
Nicknames x
General Info
Species Neopteron
Habitats Volcano (2d and 3rd Gen),Great Forest, Flooded Forest, Old Desert, Sandy Plains
Size Medium
Relatives x
Signature Move triple explosive sting
Elements none
Ailments Status Poison, Status Noxious Poison(High Rank)
Weaknesses Element Fire, Element Wind
Creator Pabmel

Hornespa is a hornet-like Neopteron that lives in hot environments, like the jungle or the desert. It is know for being able to shoot his stingers

{{{Monster Icon}}} A Neopteron know for its fast attacks and its ability to shoot its stingers, which can explode releasing poison clouds


Hornespa is an hornet-like Neopteron near the size of Rathalos. It has the same color as the Japanese Giant hornet, with red wings and green eyes. It has small claws on its first pair of legs. Its stinger is visible and far bigger in proportions than a real life hornet one. When enraged, its eyes will turn red and it will expel smoke like Seltas Queen.


Hornespa, like real life Japanese hornets, is really agresive and will atack anything that enters its territory. Unlike real hornets, it is a solitary hunter and does not live in hives. It is specialised on killing neopterons, most of which are vulnerable to poison, even if it also eats monsters from other families. Its favorite prey is Seltas.


The hunter enters to area 8 of the Sandy Plains, in which he can see the Altaroth nests. suddenly, he or she heards abuzzling sound. Something dives from the sky, and charges at him. He evades the attack, only to be charged again. After he evades the second charge, he realizes that it is Hornespa. The battle starts.


Hornespa attack its prey with fast strikes and by trying to bite them. It can also sting. When enraged, it will begin to shoot its stingers, which then explode, releasing poison clounds.

Rage and Tired States

  • Rage State:

When enraged, Hornespa will start using its explosive stingers, like stated in the behaviour section

  • Tired State:

When tired, it will sometimes fall after the dive attack. Its regular sting will also be less likely to poison hunters. It will eat a Konchu or another Neopteron to regain stamina.


Hornespa uses the same mouting animation as seltas, but in the air rather than in the ground.


  • Dive

It will charge forward similar to Seltas. It can do this attack up to 2 times

  • Circular dive

He will do a turn like Lagombi, but only while in the air.

  • Charge and swipe

He will charge then quickly turn and do a claw swipe.

  • Bite

The Hornespa will bite hunters under it

  • Claw swipe

It will swipe its claws in front of it

  • Lateral claw swipe

It will swipe its claws laterally, like Seltas

  • Sting

It will sting a hunter, inflicting the poison status (Deadly poison in High rank)

  • Pin dive

It will shake its wings, before performing a special dive that will pin a hunter

  • Explosive stinger

Only performed in rage mode. It will shoot a stinger, which will explode when hiting a hunter or the ground, releasing a poison cloud that will stay in place 5 seconds.

  • 3 Explosive stinger

Only performed in rage mode. It will quickly fire 3 explosive stingers aiming for the same target.

  • Double explosive sting

It will shoot a stinger, then quickly fly laterally and shoot another stinger. This atack is unlocked in high rank

  • Giant explosive sting

It will shake its wings, then shoot a stinger releasing a bigger cloud. unlocked at G rank

Breakable parts

  • Breakable parts

Its jaws, 2 claws and abdomen can be broken, leaving scars


  • Its name is a combination of hornet and "Vespa" the hornet Genus name
  • It was first designed with stingers on the front legs like the Pokémon Beedrill, but this idea was removed
  • It hasn't a game planned with it yet
  • It is one of the few monsters that can fly in reverse.