Helagix by DinoHunter2
Titles Whiser Sensor Wyvern
Nicknames Gix
General Info
Species Flying Wyvern
Habitats Jungle
Size Big
Relatives Khezu, Gigginox
Signature Move Goo splash
Elements None
Ailments Status Tarred
Weaknesses Element FireElement Water
Creator DinoHunter2
Helagix is a flying wyvern found in numerous cave system in temperate and tropical zones.


Helagix is a troglodite monster just like Khezu and Gigginox. It looks more like a Gigginox, with thick, saggy skin with a dark brown tone. Its wings are quite strange and the tail is like a sucker just like its relatives. It has two big whiskers on the sides of the head and three smaller ones on the chin, its mouth hides numerous sharp teeth.


Like its relatives, Helagix has no eyes and must find prey via alternate senses: in this case, touch and sensing vibrations. The long, whisker like tendrils on its face squirm around, looking for food and picking up vibrations traveling through the air; on it's underside, thousands of smaller feelers detect vibrations traveling through the ground.

To capture prey and defend itself from enemies, Helagix secretes a lot of slime. Shaking off globs of goo, body slamming or pouncing with a splash, and spitting from a distance, it inflicts a new Slobber status effect that traps hunters in a viscous goo in a similar way to tarred or webbed. Though frustrating to fight, this monster has many exploitable weaknesses. Since it gobbles up anything it touches, it can easily be tricked into eating bait meats and large barrel bombs, and because it follows sound it can be lured or distracted by sonic bombs.


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