Heavyshell Plesioth
Titles Ice Cracking Jaws
Nicknames Shell Plesioth, Ice Lavasioth.
General Info
Species Piscine Wyvern
Habitats Arctic Ridge(Cold Season), Crystal Canyon.
Size Large
Relatives Plesioth, Lavasioth
Signature Move Ice Crack
Elements Element Ice Element Earth
Ailments Severe Iceblight Severe Earthblight
Weaknesses Element Wind
Creator YukiHerz

The Heavyshell Plesioth is a variant of Plesioth found in freezing environments.


Heavyshell Plesioths are covered in a thick Bone-shell in addition to their inside bones, which is icy white/blue in color with bronze patches of moss, this shell makes the Plesioth visibly more similar to a Lavasioth, but when properly sliced off one can see a white and blue Plesioth underneath.

The Shell, while hard, can be broken with conventional weapons, the monster exhibits different wounds based on what weapon is used, if its back shell is destroyed with cutting weapons, the shell will be destroyed and become unusable, if it's cracked with blunt weapons, large pieces will drop into the floor which can be used as materials, Gunners can make use of the chipped pieces for slicing or crag shots.


Heavyshell Plesioth
Heavyshell Plesioth Icon by YukiHerz A variant of Plesioth and Lavasioth with a hardened shell that inhabits frozen environments, its jaw can crush ice chunks with ease.

Heavyshell Plesioths are born from large eggs placed inside underwater caves, unlike their relatives which are born inside their mothers, they retain the custom of eating their brethen to achieve dominancy, they spend their young life underwater eating fish and larger critters as they grow, they are known to eat ice Uroktors as the coves in which those reside are usually connected to the cave systems used by young Heavyshells.

Once their legs fully develop they are seen walking on the shores to eat land herbivores such as Anteka and young Popo, but in this state they are also troubled by other predators that come to the shores to feed, such as Tigrex or Blangonga, along with older Popo, which are heavy enough to crush their shells.


While heavily armored, they are still swift and their jaws are deadlier than any common species of Plesioth or Lavasioth, adult Heavyshells can crush large ice chunks, which gives them the ability to spit out smaller chunks and fire icy jets.

Heavyshells also make use of their weight like the Lavasioths, when fought over the frozen lake of the Arctic Ridge during the Cold Season, the shockwave from their bellyflops will shatter the ice and send ice shards flying on all directions.

When low on health, they enter a permanent state of rage, and they exhibit strange behavior such as faking attacks to confuse hunters and flinging living monsters at them with their jaws.



Icon Name Description
High Rank
Scale Icon White Heavyshell Whitescale The common white scale of a Heavyshell, dull looking.
Scale Icon Blue Heavyshell Bluescale A rare scale from a Heavyshell, it reflects light in a strange way.
Shell Icon White Armorshell The hard shell covering a Heavyshell Plesioth, strong and easy to work with.
Bone Icon White Heavyshell Bone A massive fishbone, strong enough to withstand the weight of a Heavyshell.
Ball Icon White Ice Gem A gem formed inside a heavyshell's throath-sac.
Sac Icon White Heavyshell Sac Stores ice shards, allows the Heavyshell to control the temperature and melt chunks together.


  • Several Parts can be broken, the shell will either chip away and drop shinies or drop entire chunks that can be carved, the broken parts can be broken away again, either making deep slashing wounds or large spots of crushed scales.

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