Monster Hunter Double Cross - Theme of Valfalk Fanmade

Monster Hunter Double Cross - Theme of Valfalk Fanmade

Haukuru Theme
Titles Mighty Pinetree Wyvern
Nicknames Haukuru
General Info
Species Behemoth
Habitats ???
Size Large
Relatives None
Signature Move Summoning a Snowstorm
Elements Element Ice Ice
Ailments Severe Iceblight Iceblight
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Creator Setheo

Haukuru is a long lost Wyvern known to be in the Behemoth class. This creature can summon snowstorms and freeze its enemies as also prey to death. Many hunters only saw this creature's shadow in snowstorms but never got the chance to see it clearly. It is only seen in Cold areas and wanders in northern regions.


Even though it is known to be peacefull there have been reports of this monster to bring whole snowstorms to villages and blizzards among castles. Due to this hunters are being forced to repel this monster from their living places away to prevent worst case scenarios. When attacks it only rarely really fights but instead it uses multiple attacks and abilities to defend itself.

In rage mode it goes from defending into attacking and deals a lot of damage.


As the hunter enters the a cold area he sees how a sudden strong Snowstorm falls upon the place. He starts turning around wondering where it has come from and holds his hands infront of his eyes as he can barely see anything through the icy wind.

The earth starts to tremble and the hunter tries to find balance by waving his hands next to him, suprised he turns around and sees a fairly dark shadow approching the player. As the Shadow gets more and more clearer the snowstorms starts to get more and more faint.

In front of the hunter there stands Haukuru glaring at the hunter raising his head and giving a mighty roar which starts to summon another snow storm, with this the battle starts.


The Player jumps on the tree where he grabs onto the branches and starts cutting everything away that is in his way. During the mounting Haukuru will roar a lot of times, meaning that if players do not have High Grade Earplugs the will most likely not be able to mount this monster.

Haukuru will also start to move more swiftly around almost like ukanlos to try to throw of the player from his back.


  • Mighty Roar: -
  • Frost Wall Roar: -
  • Bite: -
  • Icy Bite: -
  • Spin Attack: -
  • Tail Sweap: -
  • Frost Wall: -
  • Snow Storm Summon: -
  • Blizzard Summon: (Rage mode) -
  • Ice Stomp: -
  • Tremor Stomp: -
  • Icy Tremors: -
  • Quadra Icy Stomp: -
  • Icy Hip Check: -
  • Frosted Double Hip Check: (Rage mode) -
  • Ice Pillar Summon: -
  • Shell Spike Shots: -
  • Ice Shard Storm: -
  • Hail Summoner: -


Material Description
Claw Icon Blue Haukuru Claws Mighty claws used to dig through icy grounds. Hunters of the North use these for knifes.
Claw Icon Dark Blue Northman Claws A special claw found only by adault species. These claws can tear mighty shields into bits and pieces.
Fang Icon Light Blue Haukuru Needle Teeth Mostly used for arrows and spears in certain tribes. These teeth can even crush rocks and bite off metal.
Sturdy Shell Icon Blue Haukuru Shell The shell of Haukuru is known to withstand coldest weathers and winds, therefor they are used in ships and also as shields.
Sturdy Shell Icon Dark Blue Reinforced Northmen Shell This special piece of shell is known to withstand the coldest hell in the North. It absorbs ice, water and wind.
Sac Icon Blue Ice Sac A sac that storages waterand turns it into cold freezing water that then changes into ice when comming into contact with air.
Carapace Icon White Haukuru Carapance A well known and sturdy piece of Haukuru. Used for various things.
Carapace Icon Blue Northmen Carapance A rare sturdy piece used for special hardened items. Also use in the smith to give some weapons ice elemtal and armors Water and ice ressistence.
Bone Icon Black Haukuru Frostbones Bones that last for eternity. These bones are so hard that they are used for pickaxes instead in some tribes.
Flipper Icon White Haukuru Legs A fleshy mighty leg. In some tribes these legs are a secret ingredient for soups.
Wood Icon Dark Brown Pine Wood A wood that can only bee found in the north. It is used for various kinds of things.
Seed Icon Green Pine Seeds Seeds used to grow pinewood. Haukuru spreads them during spring and winter around everywhere, creating whole forests full of Pine woods.
Herb Icon Special 1 Northmen Festival Branch A near perfect branch. Lots of twigs on it which are straight and nicely developed. Used in special festivals during winter and sping in northern tribes.


  • Back/Tree x3
    • Breaking the tree on Haukuru's Back will make the tree smaller by each break, by the last break the tree falls from its back and can be carved 3-5 times. The carving animation and sounds are the same as when hunters would carve wood in MHP3rd or MH3U.
  • Face
  • Tail Break
  • Front Legs x2
N/A A mighty shelled monster known to reign in the coldest Norths known to mankind. A wandering fortress fighting not only predators but also wind and ice.


  • Idea was to create a christmas themed monster for Christmas.
    • Unintended it turned out to be based on the Pokemon Torterra.
  • An old tribe in the north known as Northsmen hunt this monster to get its sturdy tree to use it for a special festival during the winter and summer.
    • The tribe uses all materials from haukuru for almost all of their materials and worship this monster.
    • For the Northmen this creature is a Holy creature that brings fortune.
  • Pitfall traps do not work on it.
  • It can't be put to sleep.
  • Breaking the tree will prevent Haukuru to summon a Snowstorm.