Titles Ice Harvester

Frozen Mothfly

Nicknames Harva
General Info
Species Neopteron
Habitats Cold Environments
Size Large
Relatives None
Signature Move Frostshard Rain
Elements Element Ice
Ailments Element Ice
Weaknesses Element Fire
Creator YukiHerz

The Harvalerus is an extraordinarily rare Butterfly-like monster.


In their adult form, these monsters resemble giant butterflies, their wings are segmented and patterned with light blue colors, its body is covered in hard white shells, in turn covered in a thin layer of ice, they are experts at flying and controlling the wind movement.

In their larval stage they are large white larvaes that feed on small herbivores, keeping some portions of their meals in a visible sac in the middle of their bodies.


They are only found in cold environments close to the ocean or water bodies of large sizes.


Harvalerus Icon
The Harvalerus is a butterfly-like monster fought in two forms, first in their larval form during the start of the mating season and later at the end, in their adult form.

The larval Harvalerus can only be repelled, the objective is to break the many food sacs on their sides, which will make the fight with the adult form easier, until they reach the shores, where they'll break off a part of the ice and sail to make its cocoon in relative safety.


In larval form, it can only do minimal damage by stomping hunters with its body, which may lead to a pin attack, the same stomp attack is used when it finds another small monster it can eat.

In adult form, it is an expert flier, using this to their advantage, they attack from above and usually keep at a short distance from the floor, they can shed off ice shard that cause damage and use an icy breath attack, they can also dive directly into targets.


  • Its name is based on the Harvester.