Scimitaroso by Nrex117
Titles Razor claw
Nicknames Deathclaw, Razor Chicken.
General Info
Species Bird Wyvern
Habitats Primal Forest, Ancient Forest, Desert, Forest & Hills, Jungle, Flooded Forest, Deserted Island, Volcano (3rd), Heaven's Mount, Old Swamp, and Snowy Mountain and Tundra (rarely).
Size 1803.0 cm - 2101.1 cm
Relatives None
Signature Move Catapult
Elements Element FireFire(Rage only)
Ailments Defense Down, Severe Fireblight Fireblight(Rage only)
Weaknesses None
Creator Nrex117

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With a long neck and tiny head one might pass it off as an oddly proportioned herbivore and they would be wrong and although it does feed on fruits and nuts from time to time this omnivore really enjoys a meaty meal and with the use of its powerful claws that it sharpens regularly on its hard stone like scales, it will decapitate prey from Aptonoth to Kelbi with little effort and when enraged its plume of quills and feathers rise and its acidic saliva catches flame to deliver swift deaths to its prey!

It has a crested head with a toothy upper jaw and a sharp beaked lower jaw and despite its small head it can still deliver a powerful bite and peck. Its lower jaw has a hoked beak under bite similar too but not as prominent as the Yian Bird Wyverns and a small tusk near the start of the lower jaw.

All in all it is very bird like in looks and even has a coating of feathers and quills that act as insulation keeping in cool in extreme heat and warm in cold weather.

{{{Monster Icon}}} A large and powerful terrestrial Bird Wyvern distantly related to Velociprey, it is omnivorous and uses its large claws to gather fruits and hunt prey.


Scimitaroso is a vary territorial Bird Wyvern despite being nomadic and not actually holding any territory of its own they generally ignore other large creatures and prefer to hunt small game like Aptonoth and Kelbi but can and will hunt larger game like Yian Kut Ku and Azurus, but there favored meal is a special berry that grows deep within forests.


It is covered in hard whetstone like scales that act as armor and double as sharpeners for its deadly claws also within their throats is an organ that contains a flammable acidic mucus that is used to weaken its preys defense and burst into flames when encountered by a spark. The powerful tail and its pseudo-claws are strong enough to hold and throw chunks of rock and support the weight of its body as it kicks.

  • Peck - a typical low damage peck of the Bird Wyverns.
  • Bite - swinging its powerful neck from side to side it snaps at prey with its jaws dealing moderate damage.
  • Parry - it backhands hunters knocking them to the ground dealing moderate damage.
  • Charge - it charges full force trampling anything in its path dealing high damage.
  • Slash - it swings its claws wildly dealing high damage as well as knocking hunters and small monsters away.
  • Rake - stabbing its claws into the ground it pulls anything caught in its claws towards it dealing very high damage.
  • Spit - spitting a glob of acidic mucus towards hunters dealing low damage and the defense down status, but when enraged its spits powerful balls of fire that burst violently on impact.
  • Catapult - using its strong tail it flings a chunk of earth pulled from the ground dealing moderate damage
  • Kick - it rears back on its tail and gores hunters with its foot claws dealing moderate damage.

Rage and Tired States

  • Rage State:

When it enters rage the quills on its back raise and its tail tip, arms, and face flush with blood and its eyes will leave trails similar to Nargacuga. Its lower throat glows orange and smoke will occasionally puff out of its mouth which indicates that it is able to use its powerful fire based attacks.

  • Tired State:

When it becomes exhausted it will begin to droll (note that getting hit by saliva will inflict defense down) and its movements will become slow and will have a longer opening between attacks and after a few seconds it will leave the area in search of food which will either be a average herbivore monster which makes it exit the tired state or a special berry bush (only on certain maps) which gives it boosted defense and attack and puts it in rage mode (boost lasts around 3 Mins).


Mounting on this monster will cause it to panic and try to peck the hunter dealing him or her damage if not prepared for it, but completing a mount will knock it down for a short while.


A large and powerful Bird Wyvern distantly related to Velociprey, it is omnivorous and uses its large claws to gather fruits and hunt prey.

Order: Saurischia - Suborder: Bird Feet - Infraorder: Sword Claw Wyverns - Family: Scimitaroso

They have been spotted in most parts of the world and are a relatively old species as they are found in the fossil record and seem to have arouse around the same time as Tigrex and like the Tigrex it is proof that some design are just perfect.

They are generalist omnivores that are high on the food chain that mainly consume fruits and nuts but also prey heavily on smaller organisms such as Neopterons like Alteroth, and Vespoid but also upon smaller herbivores like Kelbi and Aptonoth. It has very little predator besides the keystone species and Elder Dragons.

The adaptations this species has is a crest that is only found in males and its distinctive large claws but its greatest adaptation would be its insulating coat of fire resistent feathers and quills that help it stay cool or warm depending on the outside environment, this adaptation has allowed it to spread to may ecosystems.

Breakable parts / Weakness Chart

  • Claws
  • Crest
  • Tail Spikes
  • Leg scales


  • Sci-Scale - a hard whetstone like scale great for sharpening claws! 80%
  • Sci-Plate - A group of whetstone like scales perfect for reflecting fatal blows! 50% (broken leg scales)
  • Sci-Claw - A large and sturdy claw touching it is enough to tear ones soul! 45% (broken claws)
  • Sci-Crest - The crest of a male, it has beautiful colors. 25% (broken crest only)
  • Razor Plumage - beautiful violet and black feathers. 45%
  • Sci-Tail - Powerful tail claws, can end a life in an instant! 25% (broken tail spikes)
  • Sci-Skull - A skull of a fearsome Bird Wyvern lined with sharp fangs and a strong beak. 10%


  • Coming soon!


  1. Based on Therizinosaurus, Gigantoraptor, and Troodon.
  2. Only males are encountered during quests.
  3. It is occasionally preyed upon by Ferrumos.
  4. There is a Deviant called Reaping Hell-fire Scimataroso!