Harlesqua by DinoHunter2
Titles Bee Snake Wyvern
Nicknames Harl
General Info
Species Snake Wyvern
Habitats Jungles, Temperate Areas
Size Medium
Relatives Najarala
Signature Move Paralyzing side-swipe
Elements None
Ailments Status PoisonStatus Paralysis
Weaknesses Element WaterElement Ice
Creator DinoHunter2
Harlesqua is a Snake Wyvern commonly encountered in Low-Rank quests.


Despite being a snake wyvern, Harlesqua's body is quite short and chubby. Its numerous arrow-like scales create an stripped motif over its upper body while the belly is more light. It has a big head with two long horns and fangs similar to a stiletto snake. Its frontal limbs are developed for burrowing, while its hind legs have disappeared. Its tail is flexible and long.


Harlesqua can be found in forested areas, it likes to prey on small creatures and it's not a very a territorial monster. Not being a dangerous monster, Harlesqua is not a great menace for hunters, however it can become a tricky adversary.

Harlesqua mainly uses its body to roll, bounce, and flop around, seeming almost totally unaware of the damage it's causing. It can also spit a poison cloud from its mouth. Being quite an initial monster, its attacks aren't very powerful, except for its fangs and bites. Like other Snake Wyverns, it can strike with an unexpected side-swipe instead of a normal forward strike, hitting with lightning speed, this attack deals a great amount of damage and causes instant paralysis.


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  • Until they got better armor, newbies would probably be afraid of this silly, fat tiger-snake.
  • It's based on a Tsuchinoko.