HC Najarala
HC Najarala Icon by Chaoarren
Titles Constricting Snake Wyvern
Nicknames Galala Ayala, Garara Ajara
General Info
Species Snake Wyvern
Habitats Everwood, Sunken Hollow, Primal Forest, Forest and Hills, Swamp, Neopteron Hive, Poisonous Marshlands
Size Large
Relatives Tidal Najarala
Signature Move Fog
Elements None
Ailments Status Paralysis, Status Poison, Status Stun
Weaknesses Element Water, Element Ice
Creator BannedLagiacrus

HC Najarala is a HC Variant of Najarala, created by BannedLagiacrus.

HC Najarala Render by Chaoarren


Battle-hardened male Najarala.

Aesthetic Differences

Longer plates on back, missing an eye, cloudy grey eye, yellow fangs, yellow mouth, and blue forked tongue.

Attacks and Moves

The HC Najarala shares the same attacks as the normal Najarala.

Spitting Naja: The Najarala will rear up and spread its plates like a cobra before spitting a paralyzing venom at hunters in front of it. This attack will paralyze any hunters hit by it.

Plate Barrage: It will roar loudly before rattling its tail and swing its tail multiple times in front of it. While doing so, it will send a barrage of plates, from its tail, at hunters while turning. After throwing a certain number of plates, it will burrow underground along with revealing its tail while underground before shaking its tail, causing the plates to explode. After the attack, it will try to ambush a hunter from underground.

Fog: Now while circling around hunters, it may spin around rapidly to cause knock dirt up and cause a fog effect around the area.

Drunken Paralysis Charge: It will begin to drool before charging hunters dead on and instantly doing its paralyzing spit. After so, it will lick its tongue around its mouth to get the drool off.

Tail Uppercut: Najarala will burrow into the ground before launching its tail out of the ground and knocking hunters in the air. It will than shoot paralyzing venom in the air to hit hunters and to instantly paralysis them when they land on the ground.

Poison Puddle Trap: It throws its plates around a poisonous puddle before trying to knock hunters into the puddle with its tail. It will than circle around the puddle and get tighter around the hunters before partially burrowing into the ground and launching upwards under hunters. Najarala will than rattle its back plates, causing the plates on the ground to explode under hunters and send them flying.

It's A Trap!: The HC Najarala will pretend to leave the area before quickly turning around and rushing the hunter. The hunter will than fall to the ground and the Najarala will continue with the attack by wrapping its tail around one hunter and constricting another with its coils. It will than fight other hunters by constantly spitting paralyzing venom out of its fangs and roaring at the other hunters while it constricts the other two hunters. If hunters fail to get out of its pin, it will either throw both hunters into a poisonous puddle or just throw them at other hunters.


  • These Najarala are remarkably smart.
  • Though these males are battle-hardened, the females are still bigger than males.
    • Originally, there was going to be a Supremacy Najarala that was going to be the females.