HC Lagombi
HC Lagombi Icon by TheBrilliantLance
Titles Frozen Rabbit Beast
Nicknames Lago, Lagom, Monty Python Rabbit
General Info
Species Fanged Beast
Habitats Frozen Seaway, Tundra, Snowy Mountains
Size Large
Relatives Arzuros, Volvidon
Signature Move Snowball Slide
Elements Element Ice
Ailments Element Ice, Status Snowman, Status Soiled
Weaknesses Element Fire, Element Thunder
Creator BannedLagiacrus

HC Lagombi is a HC Variant of Lagombi, created by BannedLagiacrus.


Truly one of natures wonders and mysteries, even to the Guild. Its unknown how these monsters gain their frozen ice-tipped claws but many believe its due to them hunting in cold water. Most hunters agree that it is some type of mutation of Lagombi.

Aesthetic Differences

Longer ears, white spots on belly, frozen ice-tipped claws, and brown fur on back.

Attacks and Moves

HC Lagombi shares the same attacks as Lagombi and Snowbaron Lagombi.

Instant Rage: The HC Lagombi now instantly goes into Rage Mode when struck by a Flash Bomb or a Sonic Bomb.

Bugs' Escape: Now to leave an area, it will dig underground to another area.

Cold Touch: From its frozen claws, its claw swipes now cause Iceblight.

A Man's Snowball: The snowballs it throws/rolls at hunters is larger than usual.

Snowball Slide: Now when it slides on the ground, snowballs will fly from both sides beside it while sliding forward.

Rage Mode: The HC Lagombi will slam its claws to the ground violently before roaring. Its roar does damage to anyone near it.

Rotten Carcass: In certain areas, the HC Lagombi can dig up carcasses from its hidden food storages, under the snow, using the dead bodies as projectiles against hunters and enemies. From the rotten smell of the carcass, the smell we actually stick to any hunters hit by the carcass. This will cause Soiled to hunters hit by the carcass.

Snowball Fight: It will walk forward while looking at a hunter before quickly standing up and throwing two snowballs at the hunter. It will then grab a huge chunk of ice and throw it at the hunter. In Rage Mode, it will throw four snowballs instead of two.

Bear Hug: The HC Lagombi backs up before lunging towards a hunter. If a hunter is hit by the attack they will fall to the ground before the Lagombi turns around and picks them up with its paws. Once it grabs them, it will hold them before it begins to seemingly hug them for a few seconds. After a few seconds, it begins to squeeze them and flare them around like Rajang. If the hunter takes to long to get out of the pin, it will throw them to the ground before jumping into the air and landing on its butt before rolling off the hunter.

Snow Breath: In a similar style to Blangonga, it will rear back before breathing a stream of snow and ice at the hunters. This attack covers a short range and, causes Iceblight and Snowman.

Bear Traps: The HC Lagombi will dig underground and make multiple holes for hunters to fall in. These traps cause a Pitfall affect to hunters that step in them. If a hunter falls in one, they will have to mash buttons in order to get out of the hole but their open to attacks from hunters.

Snow Dust: When the HC Lagombi swipes it leaves behind trails of snow in the air that can instantly Snowman a hunter close to it.

Volleyball Smack: It will prepare to roll a snowball at the hunters. When it throws it in the air, it will quickly jump up and smack at a random hunter. The ball will break into four different snowballs that fly in four different directions, that instantly snowball hunters near them.

Rampaging Claw Slams: It will violently smash the ground around it three times in similar style to Kecha Wacha.

Super Butt Slam: The HC Lagombi will jump into the air before slamming into the ground with its butt. This time rocks will pop up around it when it does the attack, causing hunters to fly in the air.

Mad Snowball Fight: The HC Lagombi will growl and roar before tossing multiple ice chunks at the hunters, wildly and randomly across the area like a maniac. It will turn around randomly while throwing the ice across the area. While it does this it is open for attacks but when its finished it will slide in a complete circle around the hunters.


  • HC Lagombi has a different story from Snowbaron Lagombi.
  • HC Lagombi are known to be more violent than normal Lagombi, even being compared to Blangonga.