HC Lagiacrus
HC Lagiacrus Icon by Chaoarren
Titles Bubbling Sea Wyvern
Nicknames Lagi
General Info
Species Leviathan
Habitats Deserted Island, Flooded Forest, Misty Peaks, Moga's Coastline
Size Large
Relatives Ivory Lagiacrus, Abyssal Lagiacrus
Signature Move Expanded Aura
Elements Element Thunder
Ailments Element Thunder Element Water ThunderResistDown
Weaknesses Element Fire
Creator BannedLagiacrus

HC Lagiacrus is a HC Variant of Lagiacrus, created by BannedLagiacrus.


Older scarred Lagiacrus that spend vast amounts of time in water.

Aesthetic Differences

Larger dorsal spikes, blue eyes, white bands on body, brighter red on certain parts (Spikes, horns, and claws), and scars on neck.

Attacks and Moves

HC Lagiacrus shares attacks with both the 3rd and 4th Generation Lagiacrus.

Rarely Leaves Water: HC Lagiacrus has a much lower chance of leaving the water than the normal Lagiacrus.

Conductive Charge: Its Ball Lightning and biting attacks can cause your Thunder resistance to go down.

Expanded Aura: In "Rage Mode" its Supreme Shockwave can cover a much wider area.

Hip-Lightning Combo: Does a Hip Check, and then immediately goes into a Ball Lightning Shot.

Barrel Roll: Does a Royal Ludroth-esque roll on the ground (only on land), where sand will coat its body and give it a brown, gritty texture. This raises its defense.

Thunder Slam: Jumps out of water before landing on its back into the water. As it slowly sinks to the ocean floor, it quickly recovers and shocks the area around it.

Lightning Surge: Charges a Ball Lightning and shoots electrical sparks into the water that cover a large area in front of the Lagiacrus. As it does this an Electrical Aura will pop up around it every few seconds.

Heavy Thunderstorm: Swims rapidly in a circle around the map nine times. As it swims in a complete circle, bubbles will pop up around the Lagiacrus and around the area. As it swims for the 9th time, its bands, eyes, and dorsal spikes will glow a bright blue and it will quickly swim into the middle of the map. It will then charge its Supreme Shockwave before it releases a High Grade Roar. Wherever the bubbles are indicates how far the Lightning will travel.

The Bubbles: Besides using the bubbles to transmit electricity with its Heavy Thunderstorm, it will use them to increase the range of some of its attacks. These will pop up randomly in some HC Quests in or near water.

Lightning Flash: Swims back before shooting a bright yellow Ball Lightning attack. This ball will cause a flash affect, similar to Gobul, when it impacts something. This covers a large range.

Thunder Tail: Smacks tail on water multiple times while the appendage sparks with electricity, creating multiple bubbles around it.

Electrical Charge: An electrical glow will spark all around its body and slowly turn from blue to yellow before it does a kind of teleporting charge. When it charges, it leaves a trail of lightning behind that lingers for a second.

Whirlpool: Sucks up a large amount of water, similarly to Ceadeus, as sparks appear around its body. It will than shoot a beam of water at the hunters, which will throw up huge clouds of sand and debris when it hits the ground.


  • This was actually one of BannedLagiacrus's first fan-made monsters.