HC Kirin
HC Kirin Icon by Chaoarren
Titles Lightning Phantom Brute
Nicknames Kelbidrome, Unicorn
General Info
Species Elder Dragon
Habitats Snowy Mountains, Tower, Volcano, Primal Forest, Swamp, Everwood, Jurassic Frontier, Lush Gorge, Poisonous Marshlands
Size Large
Relatives Oroshi Kirin, Inagami
Signature Move Thunder Pound
Elements Element Thunder
Ailments Status Paralysis, Element Thunder
Weaknesses Questionsmark
Creator BannedLagiacrus

The HC Kirin is a HC Variant of the Kirin created by BannedLagiacrus.


This elusive Elder Dragon seems to be an old Kirin that has learnt a lot over the years. It is rumored that during Mating Season, the female's horns will glow brighter than usual and they will turn a lot more aggressive than usual.

Aesthetic Differences

Blue eyes, lightning surging on feet, brighter blue horn, lightning covering horn in Rage Mode, and patches of its fur are brighter than usual.

Attacks and Moves

The HC Kirin shares attacks with Kirin.

Thunder Pound: The HC Kirin will jump into the air before trying to land on a hunter. When it lands, it will cause a thunder sound that causes hunters to cover there ears like they were hit by a roar. This sound requires at least Low Grade Earplugs.

Walking Lightning Summon: It will slowly walk towards a hunter while summoning multiple lightning strikes around it, that prevent hunters from attacking it. The lightning strikes are instantaneous and come down with little warning. After walking were the hunter was at, it will stand on its hind legs and taunt for a second or two.

Instantaneous Charge: It will count for a few seconds before charging forward, leaving a trail of lightning. It charges so fast that it seemingly teleports. After the charge, it will kick backwards three times. The HC Kirin will also leave behind a trail of lightning on the ground, that surges on the ground for a few seconds before disappearing. If hunters step into the lightning, they will instantly be paralyzed by the lightning.

Super Lightning Summon: The Kirin will rear back before summoning lightning from the sky. Before the lightning is summoned, the Kirin will jump into the air and summon multiple lightning strikes in front of it. After they all strike the ground, the Kirin will shake its head once and more multiple lightning strikes will hit the ground instantaneously, without warning.

Lightning Hair Throw: It will jump before spinning in the air and throwing its hairs at the ground around it. These hairs will slowly glow brighter before exploding into a surge of electricity before paralyzing hunters.

Triple Homing Lightning Strike: The HC Kirin will shake its head multiple times before rearing up and summoning a lightning strike to hit a hunter. It will than summon another one before jumping backwards and summoning an extremely large version of its lightning strike.


  • Similar to the Phantom Doragyurosu, the HC Kirin has a special trophy item called the Silver Sol Hairs that can only be obtained by hunting it.
  • Monster Hunter Frontier G introduced a HC Kirin up to five years ago.
  • HC Kirin can be fought together with a HC Oroshi Kirin.