HC Jade Barroth
HC Jade Barroth Icon by Chaoarren
Titles Ice Crushing Wyvern
Nicknames Dracorroth
General Info
Species Brute Wyvern
Habitats Tundra
Size Large
Relatives Barroth
Signature Move Mad U-Turning Snow Dash
Elements Element Ice Element Dragon
Ailments Element Ice Status Snowman Status Paralysis Element Dragon
Weaknesses Element Fire Element Thunder
Creator BannedLagiacrus

HC Jade Barroth is a HC Variant of Jade Barroth, created by BannedLagiacrus.

HC Jade Barroth Render by Chaoarren


Rare Jade Barroth that have been feeding on all sorts insects and Neopterons. They have particularly been found to have gained a taste for Dracophage Bugs.

Aesthetic Differences

Black eyes, red chest, green teeth, longer tail spikes, and yellow feet.

Attacks and Moves

Shares all of the same attacks as the Jade Barroth.

Dracophage Bug Release: It will open its mouth and spit out two swarms of Dracophage Bugs that weren't eaten. After spitting them out of its mouth, the swarms will target one random hunter before flying towards them and exploding on impact. This attack will cause Dragonblight.

Tail Chase: The HC Jade Barroth will look at its tail before chasing it like a dog and spinning in a complete circle. While chasing its tail, it will fling multiple snowballs around it while running in a circle. This attack causes Snowman.

Dragon Puff: It will try to breath Dragon like Deviljho but it will instead breath a puff of Dragon that sends it backwards. This attack is really short range, even in Rage Mode, and causes Dragonblight if hunters are hit.

Triple Head Fling: It will back up before fling its head forward and upwards, three times in a row, while sending snowballs from its body to hit hunters around it that avoid the attack.

Crushing Bite: It quickly bites forward and bites some of the ground. When it bites the ground, it will be stuck for a few seconds and break free before eating some of the snow/ice.

Ice Crusher: Burrows into the ground before bursting out of the ground, sending three blocks ice-covered rocks at hunters. This attack causes Iceblight.

False Bite: The Jade Barroth will look at a random hunter before trying to bite them. When its about to bite, it will quickly stop and do its Dragon Puff attack.

Snow Snot: It will put its head on the ground and shoot five snowballs from its nostrils in front of it like a shotgun. This attack causes Snowman and Iceblight.


  • Despite sharing a few attacks with the HC Barroth, its appearance is suggesting that this species is going through different changes.
  • Its been speculated by the Guild that these HC Jade Barroth are possibly a subspecies of the Jade Barroth never seen before.
  • These Jade Barroth are quite strange compared to the normal Jade Barroth and even quite different from their Sandy Plains cousins.
  • BannedLagiacrus made this monster as a What If. His question was, What if the Dracophage Bug's predator was Jade Barroth?