HC Gigginox
HC Gigginox Icon by TheBrilliantLance
Titles Creeping Fertile Venom
Nicknames Giggi, Nox
General Info
Species Flying Wyvern
Habitats Tundra
Size Large
Relatives Baleful Gigginox, Khezu, Red Khezu
Signature Move Venom Birth
Elements None
Ailments Status Noxious Poison Status Sleep Status Soiled Status Paralysis
Weaknesses Element Fire
Creator BannedLagiacrus

HC Gigginox is a HC Variant of Gigginox, created by BannedLagiacrus.


An usual Gigginox that breeds rapidly constantly.

Aesthetic Differences

Purple veins on back leading to heat organs, poison marks on front and back legs, crimson colored underbelly, and darker purple heat organs.

Attacks and Moves

HC Gigginox shares attacks with Gigginox.

Deadly Poison: All of this Gigginox's poison-based attacks cause Deadly Poison.

Venom Birth: It's poison balls now contain one Giggi in each one.

Poison Fog: Every time it goes into Rage Mode, it sprays poison all around it, covering half the area.

Giggi Bomb: Lays an egg sac on the ground that is filled with Giggi. After the egg is layed, it slowly turns a dark purple before exploding and flinging a few Giggi and poison at the hunter. If the Giggi hit, they will immediately latch onto the hunter.

Slime Coat: Now in Rage Mode, slime will coat the Gigginox's body, making your attacks do slightly less damage.

Giggi-and-Poison Hail Storm: The Gigginox lifts up its head and tail before releasing a mix of poison and Giggi into the air, looking similar to a Hail Storm.

Wall Hopping: It jumps from wall to wall before using a Poison Body Slam to jump to the ground.

Bone Block: Covers exits to other areas with saliva-coated bones to prevent escape. Hunters can climb over the bones, but some bones could cause Sleep, Soiled, or Paralysis, depending on the color of the saliva that surrounds them.

Poisonous Flight: Climbs up on the ceiling before slowly gliding down and across the area, spreading Sleep combined with Poison around the cave.

Toxic Shot: Shoots one huge ball of Poison, Soiled, or Sleep on the ground before trying to pin a hunter in a similar way to the Baleful Gigginox.

Advanced Roar: This roar creates a sonic aura around the Gigginox, sending hunters flying if they're within the shield.

Baleful's Bomb: Occasionally, it will lay a strange yellow egg sac, like Baleful Gigginox, that explodes with yellow lightning extremely fast. This egg sac causes Paralysis and can even Paralysis the HC Gigginox.


  • HC Gigginox is encountered in SR51.
  • This Gigginox seems to be birthing Gigginox every few seconds.
    • This is suggested to be due to age.
  • Though this Gigginox gives birth more often, it needs more food than usual to do so.
    • The young of the HC Gigginox are said to take longer to reach adulthood.