Gurodu Magala
Gurodu Magala Artwork by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis
Titles Corrupt Revolving Dragon
Nicknames Gurodu, Corrupted Shagaru, Brown Shagaru, Tainted Shagaru
General Info
Species Elder Dragon
Habitats Ciemran Ruins, Everwood
Size Large
Relatives Conquest War Gurodu Magala, Solstice Conquest War Gurodu Magala, Shagaru Magala, Chaotic Gore Magala, Gore Magala
Signature Move Arms Of Frenzy
Elements None
Ailments Status Frenzy Virus
Weaknesses Element Fire Element Dragon
Creator Chaoarren

"I know how this thing feels. Everybody eventually will. Everyone with a light inside... All light will die like raging flames. -Dying Man"

Gurodu Magala is an Elder Dragon that is the result of a Shagaru Magala falling under the control of its own Frenzy Virus.

Gurodu Magala
Gurodu Magala Icon by TheBrilliantLance A Shagaru Magala that has fallen prey to its own disease. The dragon's body has lost its golden shine, instead a hideous brown husk that oozes the virus. Gurodu is said to reside in secluded locations deep underground, filled with the frenzy virus and covered with frenzy crystals.


It has the body shape of Shagaru Magala, however its horns and wings are crooked in a zigzag pattern. Instead of the divine gold scales it possessed, it has brown rough scales as if the light inside had died. Its eyes are red with purple streaks behind it, and its wings, horns, claws and underbelly are also purple. The tip of the tail is forked.


Gurodu Magala is a Shagaru Magala that became so enveloped in its own powers of The Frenzy it lost control over it. Losing control of the disease, the virus resulted in the Shagaru becoming infected itself, by its own dark powers. Unlike most other monsters infected by The Frenzy the virus mutated the dragon. Its once heavenly scales and shape were corrupted, all light from it was essentially killed. All that remains is the mostly Shagaru like build and a twisted monster.


Ciemran Ruins: Quest: Death Of The Light, Area 5: Frenzy Incarnate

The hunter drops down from the previous area, after having defeated the previous three Magalas before. He/she notices the floor is covered with the virus. He/she sees that the source comes from the thing at the back of the area, a brown and black figure. This 'figure' awakes, and lights into purple with red glowing eyes. Its the Gurodu. Upon viewing something in its presence, it strikes! Gurodu catapults off the throne it made out of frenzy crystals and smashes into the wall then immediately throws the rocks broken off at the hunter and charges straight at him/her. The hunter is thrown off balance from this assault, and only barely dodges an arm phantom like. Gurodu dashes to the center of the area and unleashes a frenzy wave with its roar. And the fight against The Frenzy begins.


The Gurodu Magala has attacks shared from all three species of the Magala species. It has several attacks of its own mainly in the form of frenzy arms which are living cells of the virus mutated to be a form of attack.

  • Earth Smash Breaks the ground with a pound and throws the rocks brought up by it.
  • Frenzy Breath Gurodu can fire a stream of virus instead of a ball. Used right to left.
  • 360° Swipe With its two claws it plants both claws into the ground and spins around.
  • Three Directional Explosion After doing its two other explosion lines it'll do a final one which explodes vertically and diagonally left and right.
  • Zigzag Explosion An uncomboed attack which moves in a zigzag.
  • Dark Glide It can fly over the player and try and inflict the virus that way.
  • Virus Wave Its wings glow black before it sends out a wave of frenzy in front of it in a similar way to the G Rank 4U Crimson Fatalis.

Enraged Only Attacks

Phantom arms appear which adds range to attacks

  • Phantom Swipe With its phantom arm it sweeps in front of it. Can be done airborne.
  • Phantom Punch Gurodu punches with a purple flash. The phantom claw emerges out of a black hole to hit the player.
  • Virus Geyser It breaks the ground with its phantom arm, from the hole erupts frenzy which sticks for around 20 seconds.
  • Double Virus Spread Now when it does its virus orb that spreads into three ones, it'll do it twice in a row.
  • Phantom Crush Gurodu stands up and summons its two phantom arms by its wings. It falls down and the phantom arms clasp together and explode.
  • The Frenzy's Judgement Its most powerful attack, done when its rage mode ends after 300 secs. Its entire body glows purple as it takes airborne and transforms its phantom arms and power all into a dark ball of evil. It after 5 secs of charging fires it at the player causing a large radius purple explosion. The player can turn this attack against it by standing on the throne, the ball gets deflected back at Gurodu and knocks it down for 10 secs. Once hit by the ball it will lose its purple glow and won't be able to use its frenzy virus for 2 mins. (1 minute in G Rank)

Rage State

Will go into the Gore Magala's Frenzy transformation animation except for its arms being the air. Frenzy will surround the both of them and create phantom extensions to them. Then there's the typical huffing of Frenzy mist from its mouth.


High Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Scale Icon Brown Gurodu Magala Scale A corrupted scale from Gurodu Magala. All the light inside has died.
Carapace Icon Brown Gurodu Magala Shell There is no shine from this shell, only darkness.
Claw Icon Purple Gurodu Magala Claw The once graceful shaped blades now curve with a sharp rigid edge.
Horn Icon Purple Gurodu Magala Termhorn Horns bent out of shape by the dark forces it once could hold. Now these forces hold it instead.
Wing Icon Purple Gurodu Magala Cringewing Winds from this don't bring rainbow light, only blackness and despair.
Monster Parts Icon Brown Gurodu Magala Tail The once slick tip became a barbed spear under mutation and slavery.
Scale Icon Dark Brown Damned Scale The once Pure Scale was corrupted by The Frenzy. Its dim, harsh and dark texture along with shape stands out among all the rest.
Ball Icon Purple Gurodu Magala Orb A solid mass left of what used to be an endless golden light. People sometimes say that the person who kills this monster has a heart even more black than the monster they had slain.

G Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Scale Icon Brown Gurodu Magala Shard Even this simple piece is pouring with Frenzy, and cuts from this result in certain infection. No shine comes from it.
Carapace Icon Brown Gurodu Magala Cortex A hazard to even touch gently, freshly removed it ejects clouds of virus everywhere. It rejects all light from its very being.
Claw Icon Purple Gurodu Magala Reaper Claws with an extremely unnerving look, health and happiness is eradicated with a single slash. A truly evil part.
Horn Icon Purple Gurodu Magala Retchhorn This horn detects the life of any fresh beings, to be found and killed.
Wing Icon Purple Gurodu Magala Twistwing With one flex, the bluest skies turn to jet black in an instant. Even rain is infected by its disease.
Monster Parts Icon Brown Gurodu Magala Lash A forked tail with virus dripping from it's spear. One can't help but be horrified and dumbfounded.
Mantle Icon Purple Gurodu Magala Mantle Large Frenzy crystals have overtaken what was once a symbol of peace and sent it into the depths of evil.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Purple Gurodu Magala Heart Its believed that any who come near this heart of black is immediately taken control of. Its believed to be the incarnation of darkness, a literate example of a monster that sees nor feel any light of beauty.


  • Horns (2x)
  • Left Claw Wounded
  • Right Claw Wounded
  • Wings Wounded
  • Tail Severed
  • Chest Scarred
    • Purple Frenzy Core exposed from the chest, revealing a weak point.


It is ridden in the way the Magala's are.


Village Quest

Death Of The Light Lv 10★ Village
Gurodu Magala Icon by TheBrilliantLance MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon
Slay Gurodu Magala
Reward: 43210z Location: Ciemran Ruins
Contract Fee: 4680z Time Limit: 1 Hour/50 Mins
Subquest: Wound Gurodu Magala's Chest Twice Sub.Reward: 2450z
Other Monsters:

???, ???, ???/None

Client: Dying Man

Its time. The Gurodu Magala is cleared for slaying inside the Ciemran Ruins. The Frenzy it has must be stopped, as well as the suffering its passing on to others. Please, don't let it do... what it did to me.

This quest is very unique in structure until its first completion.

  • The shortcut is blocked off.
  • In order to pass each area beyond Area 1 the monster of each must be defeated.
    • Area 2: Gore Magala
    • Area 3: Chaotic Gore Magala
    • Area 4: Shagaru Magala
      • The three have their health lowered by 60%
  • All of Gurodu's parts must be broken in order to slay it.
    • This is because the following cinematic cutscene shows Gurodu with all breaks.

Online Quests

High Rank Quests

Darkness In The Everwood Lv 7★
Gurodu Magala Icon by TheBrilliantLance
Slay Gurodu Magala
Reward: 42390z Location: Everwood
Contract Fee: 4525z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Wound Gurodu Magala's Wings Sub.Reward: 2500z
Other Monsters:


Client: Confused Observer

I have come across a strange Shagaru Magala, its scales appear not to be golden, but a dull brown. Also, the sku around the Everwood is darker than when a normal Shagaru! I think this needs to be seen to at once!

G Rank Quests

Corrupted Light Lv G4★
Gurodu Magala Icon by TheBrilliantLance
Slay Gurodu Magala
Reward: 54250z Location: Ciemran Ruins
Contract Fee: 5750z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Break Gurodu Magala's Horns Sub.Reward: 2820z
Other Monsters:


Client: Annoyed Guild Knight

Ugh! I just wish to embark on a grand quest with by team to slay the mighty Dasamios, and they instead ask me to hunt that.. thing! I will not risk any injuries or deaths in preparation for my big plan! Hell, if you could slay it for me they wouldn't even question it wasn't me! So that's what I want you to do. Hurry up and kill that dreg so I can FINALLY hunt a much more worthy opponent down!


The theme to Gurodu is the Shagaru Magala theme reversed and lowered in pitch. Along with it are distortions.

Light Damned To Corruption - Gurodu Magala

Light Damned To Corruption - Gurodu Magala


Feel free to make artwork for this monster!


  • Gurodu Magala is the reversal of dark to light, it has fallen back to darkness after failing to keep its virus under control.
  • Its phantom arms ability is based off one of the attacks of Daimon's second form from Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen.
  • When in the Everwood, every area will have a dark sky and reduced light. In the area Gurodu is in, the sky will be pitch black like in the Sanctuary and will be even darker.
  • It was the final boss and quest of the offline mode of the OldFanon FanGame, Monster Hunter Tri Frenzy.
  • There are said to be Gurodu Magala that have fallen even further into corruption with abilities gained that no standard one could use. And there is also one some say is The Frenzy's own puppet, incarnation, and creation...


  • Rathalosaurus rioreurensis: For the render.
  • TheBrilliantLance: For the icon.