Gulogre Artwork by Nin10DillN64
Titles Skunk Bear Wyvern, Rogue of the Tundra
Nicknames Wolverine
General Info
Species Fanged Wyvern
Habitats Tundra, Frozen Seaway, Arctic Ridge, Genesis Caverns
Size Middle
Relatives Zinogre, Diamondhide Gulogre
Signature Move Frost Breath, Icicle Smash
Elements Element IceIce
Ailments Element IceIceblight
Status SnowmanSnowman
Status SoiledSoiled
Status BleedingBleeding
Weaknesses Element FireFire
Creator Nin10DillN64

Gulogre is a wolverine-like Fanged Wyvern that can be encountered in snowy areas.


None Yet  Brutish wyverns that patrol snowy areas in search of food. Gulogres are ravenous and ferocious, eating anything they can find, whether they be carrion or other large monsters. It marks its territory with a bitter scent from its tail, and will relentlessly pursue those foolish enough to intrude on its territory until they perish.

Gulogre is a quadrupedal monster with superficially ursine and mustelid features. It is adorned with silver scales and thick white, oily fur with a faint blue line running down the middle of its back that helps protect it from frost. It is highly muscular and stocky, and can easily bring down prey with a single swipe of its forelegs. It has a long, white skunk-like tail that also has a faint blue line in the middle that sprays a bitter scent, and can use it to mark its territory and envelop hunters in a nauseating gas. It has claws, horns and spikes that are cyan in colouration. Its horns are long, curved, and point backwards, and can be used to gore threats.


Gulogre is accustomed to frigid regions such as the Tundra and the Frozen Seaway. Its white fur provides it with camouflage that allows it to ambush prey and rivals alike, and it secretes an oily substance that repels water and frost, protecting it from the bitter cold found within the areas it inhabits. Its horns are long and sharp, and can be used to gore prey and intruders alike. It has strong anal glands that are used to mark territory and signal that an individual is ready to copulate, and they can be used as a weapon, with the creature using its tail to spray pungent liquids at intruders as a warning to back off. Its legs are muscular and are equipped with sharp claws that provide a strong grip, which allow it to traverse snow and cliffs with ease despite the legs' short stature. It has strong jaws that allow it to crush bone and tear apart meat that has been frozen solid, and its teeth contain a freezing venom designed to wear down its prey's stamina at a faster rate. It is primarily a scavenger, feeding on carrion after another predator has finished eating or stealing it outright, and is highly dependent on it during times where fresh meat is scarce, following the trails of other predators who managed to score a kill. Despite this, it is capable of actively hunting, and sits high on the food chain, feeding on various monsters such as Anteka, Popo, Giadrome, Great Baggi, Bulldrome, Lagombi, Blangos, Tetsucabra, and young Gammoth. It competes with other predators such as Gigginox, Zamtrios, Barioth, Tigrex, Glacial Agnaktor, Tidal Najarala, and Stygian Zinogre for food and territory, and has been known to kill them on occasion. It has a strong metabolism, requiring it to eat large amounts of food to survive, and when times are tough, it will hoard any food it finds so its chances of survival are increased. Males of the species will form lifelong relationships with two to three females when mating season comes around, and the females will produce two to three kits per litter. The kits develop fairly quickly, reaching adult size within two years, and once they begin to stop relying on their mother's milk, their father will provide them with food until they are ready to hunt for themselves.


Gulogre is a solitary monster, roaming snowy areas in pursuit of prey. It is primarily a scavenger, eating carrion after another predator has finished eating or stealing it from another predator, but is also an active hunter, attacking anything that moves. It is highly territorial, and will relentlessly pursue intruders until it either loses their scent or kills them. It will hoard any food it finds when times are tough out of awareness that its chances of finding food in the harshest of winters are very low.


It can harness the Ice element in battle, using its icy breath to immobilize prey before crushing them with its powerful forearms. It is muscular and stocky, having great strength that allows it to overpower threats with brute force, and its fangs can inject a freezing venom into prey and crush bones with ease. Its tail sprays liquids with a bitter scent that inflicts the Soiled status on those it makes contact with. It will prioritize frozen and soiled targets in battle, relentlessy attacking them until the condition wears off. Its horns are sharp and thick, allowing them to efficiently dish out and take damage.


Gulogre inhabits snowy areas, such as the Snowy Mountains and the Tundra. 

HP and Damage


  • Base HP: 5,600 HP
  • High-Rank (0.70x): 3,920 HP
  • G-Rank (1.30x): 7,280 HP

Physical/Elemental Damage Taken:

  • Head: 50 (Cut), 50 (Impact), 55 (Shot), 25 (Fire), 5 (Water), 10 (Thunder), 0 (Ice), 5 (Dragon), 15 (Earth), 5 (Wind)
  • Horns: 10 (Cut), 15 (Impact), 10 (Shot), 15 (Fire), 0 (Water), 5 (Thunder), 0 (Ice), 5 (Dragon), 10 (Earth), 5 (Wind)
  • Back: 20 (Cut), 20 (Impact), 30 (Shot), 20 (Fire), 0 (Water), 5 (Thunder), 0 (Ice), 5 (Dragon), 10 (Earth), 5 (Wind)
  • Front Legs: 20 (Cut), 25 (Impact), 25 (Shot), 15 (Fire), 0 (Water), 5 (Thunder), 0 (Ice), 5 (Dragon), 5 (Earth), 5 (Wind)
  • Hind Legs: 30 (Cut), 30 (Impact), 25 (Shot), 15 (Fire), 0 (Water), 5 (Thunder), 0 (Ice), 5 (Dragon), 5 (Earth), 5 (Wind)
  • Tail: 45 (Cut), 40 (Impact), 40 (Shot), 20 (Fire), 5 (Water), 10 (Thunder), 0 (Ice), 5 (Dragon), 10 (Earth), 5 (Wind)
  • Stomach: 25 (Cut), 30 (Impact), 30 (Shot), 20 (Fire), 5 (Water), 10 (Thunder), 0 (Ice), 5 (Dragon), 10 (Earth), 5 (Wind)

Element/Status Effectiveness

  • Fire = ★★★
  • Water = ✖
  • Thunder = ★
  • Ice = ✖
  • Dragon = ★
  • Earth = ★★
  • Wind = ★
  • Poison = ★
  • Sleep = ★
  • Paralysis = ★★
  • Blast = ★★
  • Stun = ★



Gulogre jumps towards the hunter three times in a row, swinging its head upwards at the end of each jump. This attack deals medium damage.


Gulogre will scratch the ground before it with its right paw twice in a row, then charge towards hunters with its horns pointed at them. This attack deals high damage.

Spin Attack

Gulogre will slowly shift its rear to the right, then quickly do a 360 degree spin, dealing medium damage to those it hits. Those caught in the snow trail it makes will take no damage, but become afflicted with the Snowman condition instead. In G-Rank, it will use its Frost Breath while spinning in order to increase its range, dealing high damage and inflicting the Iceblight and Snowman conditions on those it hits.

Skunk Spray

Gulogre will lift its tail over its head and spray nearby hunters with a foul-smelling liquid. This attack deals low damage and inflicts the Soiled condition onto hunters. Gulogre will then prioritize the afflicted hunter, relentlessly pursuing them until they are no longer Soiled. Breaking the tail will reduce the attack's range, making it easier to avoid.

Claw Smash

Gulogre will rear back, then charge forward, quickly smashing the ground before it with its forelegs five times in a row. This attack deals medium-high damage.

Icicle Smash

Gulogre slowly rears back, then smashes the ground before it twice in a row, causing icicles to spring up around its claws. This attack deals high damage and inflicts the Iceblight and Bleeding conditions. It will use three smashes as opposed to two in G-Rank.


Gulogre will leap forward at nearby hunters, pinning them in place if the attack connects. It will proceed to eat the hunter alive until shaken off, and will finish the attack with its Icicle Smash if the hunter doesn't repel it in time. It will only use this attack when low on Stamina.

Hip Check

Gulogre will shift its body to the side, then quickly do a hip check, dealing medium damage to hunters it hits.

Ice Bite

Gulogre bites into the hunter, injecting them with freezing fluid. This attack deals medium damage and inflicts Iceblight.

Frost Breath

Gulogre will stand in place and spew icy breath at hunters. This attack covers a wide range, and it will either fire it straightforward or use a sweeping motion to make it cover a wider range. This attack deals high damage and inflicts the Iceblight and Snowman conditions. Gulogre will then prioritize those it hits, using its strongest physical attacks to finish them off.



Great Sword

Chilling Halberd --> Frozen Halberd --> Glacial Halberd

Sword and Shield

Gourmand's Sword --> Scavenger's Sword --> Voracious Sword


Mustelance --> Greater Mustelance --> Carcajouster

Switch Axe

Raider's Axe --> Pillager's Axe --> Berserker's Axe

Insect Glaive

Odorous Polearm --> Pungent Polearm --> Miasmic Polearm


Rime Bow --> Blizzard Bow --> Subzero Bow




Defense: 275-620

Elemental Resistances:

  • Fire -25
  • Water +15
  • Thunder +5
  • Ice +20
  • Dragon +10
  • Earth 0
  • Wind +10

Skills: Gourmand, Ruthlessness, Cold Cancel, Double Hunger


Defense: 480-715

Elemental Resistances:

  • Fire -25
  • Water +15
  • Thunder +5
  • Ice +20
  • Dragon +10
  • Earth 0
  • Wind +10

Skills: Scavenger, Ruthlessness, Cold Cancel, Double Hunger



Defense: 140-400

Elemental Resistances:

  • Fire -20
  • Water +20
  • Thunder +10
  • Ice +25
  • Dragon +15
  • Earth +5
  • Wind +15

Skills: Gourmand, Ruthlessness, Cold Cancel, Double Hunger


Defense: 260-460

Elemental Resistances:

  • Fire -20
  • Water +20
  • Thunder +10
  • Ice +25
  • Dragon +15
  • Earth +5
  • Wind +15

Skills: Scavenger, Ruthlessness, Cold Cancel, Double Hunger



Icon Item Name Description
Scale Icon White Gulogre Scale+ The silver scale of a Gulogre. It shines brilliantly in sunlight.
Hide Icon White Gulogre Pelt Hydrophobic fur that once adorned the back of the mighty Gulogre. It is highly sought after by hunters and trappers due to its frost-resistant properties.
Horn Icon Light Blue Gulogre Horn+ The Gulogre's frosty horn. Northern villages use them to make masks designed to ward off evil spirits.
Claw Icon Light Blue Gulogre Claw+ A cyan claw designed for crushing blows and traversing icy terrain. It can destroy nearly any barrier that stands before it.
Fang Icon White Gulogre Fang+ A hard fang that injects freezing venom into prey. The ravenous beast consumes all in its path.
Monster Parts Icon White Gulogre Tail A fluffy tail that fires liquids with a bitter stench used to mark territory. Any and all who intrude on the Gulogre's territory will be shown no mercy.
Ball Icon White Gulogre Quartz A gem that forms inside a Gulogre. Its mesmerizing beauty undermines the sheer brutality of the beast it originated from.


Icon Item Name Description
Scale Icon White Gulogre Shard A silver scale from a Gulogre. It's as resilient to shocks as it is shiny.
Hide Icon White Gulogre Fur Thick white fur that wards off cold like no other. Respected northern hunters wear it as a sign of their strength and skill.
Horn Icon Light Blue Gulogre Hardhorn A frozen horn with extraordinary toughness. A fine trophy worthy of the strongest and most ruthless of hunters.
Claw Icon Light Blue Gulogre Hardclaw A brutal claw that mercilessly crushes prey and hunters alike. Its strength is matched only by the beast's unwavering hunger.
Fang Icon White Gulogre Hardfang A sharp fang that once adorned the maw of a Gulogre. The glutton shows no empathy or remorse towards those it harms, caring only for its insatiable desires.
Monster Parts Icon White Gulogre Lash A bushy tail that releases bitter scents which the Gulogre uses to mark its territory. Intruders must either flee or face death when confronted by the furious glutton.
Mantle Icon White Gulogre Mantle A rare gem found only in the strongest of Gulogres. Those who hold it are said to become overwhelmed by insatiable, indiscriminate hunger.

Breakable Parts

Claws x2- The claws will be broken.

Horns- Its horns will be broken off.

Tail- The tail will drop and become bristled.


  • Gulogre's name is derived from Gulo gulo, which is the wolverine's scientific name, and ogre.
  • Gulogre will feed from a carcass or prey on an Anteka or Popo when low on Stamina.
  • Gulogre's ursine traits and skunk-like tail were meant to invoke the wolverine's alternate name of skunk bear, which was given to it due to its bear-like structure and potent anal scent glands.
  • Gulogre will often ignore hunters and attack other large monsters if it appears in the same area as them. 
  • Gulogre's roar requires Earplugs to block.