Great Venaggi
Titles Explosive Dog Wyvern
Nicknames Vena
General Info
Species Bird Wyvern
Habitats Saturnic Volcano
Size Small-Medium
Relatives Venaggi

Great Jaggi, Great Baggi, Great Wroggi

Signature Move Exploding Bite
Elements None
Ailments Status Blastblight
Weaknesses Element Ice
Creator YukiHerz
 The Great Venaggi is the leader of a Venaggi pack, sporting a much more developed body covered in blast slime.


Great Venaggi is a female, unlike other Bird Wyverns, she is usually the only female in a group of Venaggi, young female Venaggi (Venaggia) are larger than their male counterparts and have pointed ears, they are rarely seen as they are usually abandoned by the pack after they grow to fend for themselves.

Great Venaggis are large, rivaling the Great Baggi in size, they have no crest or defining feature unlike other Bird Wyverns, but the skin on the mouth and face is burnt and cracked with slime saliva.


Great Venaggi
Great Venaggi Icon The Great Venaggi is the female leader of a Venaggi pack, it viciously strikes with its explosive saliva.

After being left out of their pack, the female Venaggi begins improving her explosive powers by attacking prey and attracting males from other packs, leading to a one on one fight between Great Venaggis.


While it is her saliva what explodes, by itself it does nothing, the chemical reaction that produces explosions occurs when the saliva is mixed with an enzyme that comes out of Great Venaggi's fangs, much like a snake's poison.

Great Venaggi can do a fiery explosive bite which will also damage her, along with leaving puddles of saliva to be activated later, she is an avid traverser so hunters are advised to keep track of their surroundings.


  • The name comes from the Afrovenator.