The Great Freezing Sea is an area where most of the Polar Sea once was created by BannedLagiacrus.

This area was once where the great glaciers and environments of the Polar Sea once stood. Many glaciers in the area are destroyed and there is a barely any movement in the sea, unlike how it use to be. Now the Polar Sea is pretty much dead. While in the area, hunters will spend sometime on the Large Exploration Ship as it slowly sinks in the freezing water as Kori-Shan Lung stalks the hunters.

Base Camp and Zones

Great Freezing Sea Map by Chaoarren

Base Camp

The base camp is the inside of the Exploration Ship. As the fight continues on the Large Exploration Ship, it will slowly flood on the inside of the base camp. Soon hunters will actually have to swim through freezing water in order to get items. Outside the glass of the base camp, hunters can see Pokara harems, schools of Sharq, and even Anorupatisu, swimming to safety. Once in zone 2, hunters can't go back to the base camp.

Zone 1 (Phase 1)

Zone 1 is the deck of the Large Exploration Ship, standing still and slowly sinking in the water. Everything that is used for Shantien and Burst Species Zerureusu is used here but its not very effective against Kori-Shan Lung.

Zone 2 (Phase 2)

In Zone 2, Kori-Shan Lung will completely freeze the Exploration Ship before diving underwater. After freezing the ship, hunters will jump in after it and finish the fight underwater surrounded by the once standing Polar Sea.


Freezing Water: If hunters stand in freezing water, it will instantly cause Severe Iceblight and cause hunters to lose stamina quicker. If hunters used a Hot Drink, it will only cause Iceblight and if hunters have a high amount of ice resistance, they'll be immune to the waters effects.

Glaciers: Occasionally while on the sinking Exploration Ship, small glacier will hit the ship knocking hunters and causing them to lose their balance, miss shots, or even knock them off the ship.

Waves: From the Kori-Shan Lung, the waves will cause the ship to turn in circles making it harder for hunters to shot the monster itself.


Fish: Sharq

Leviathan: Pokara

Elder Dragons: Kori-Shan Lung


  • It takes ten minutes for the Large Exploration Ship to completely sink.
  • Some of the monsters seen in the Polar Sea are now found living in the Frozen Seaway due to it being destroyed.

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