The Graphite Uragaan is a subspecies of Uragaan that draws with its chin.
Graphite Uragaan
Graphite Uragaan by T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting)
Titles Volcanic Artist
Nicknames Graphite Ura
General Info
Species Brute Wyvern
Habitats Volcano, Volcanic Hollow
Size Large
Relatives Uragaan, Steel Uragaan, Mikiragaan
Signature Move Self Portrait Charge
Elements None
Ailments Soiled, Sleep, Iceblight, Fireblight, Waterblight
Weaknesses Water
Creator T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting)


The Graphite Uragaan is a subspecies of Uragaan that can use it's chin, made of a mixture of lead and graphite, to draw pictures and shapes on the ground. It's chin dulls the more it draws, so it must sharpen it on rocks. It draws these when it charges, since it cannot roll, and when it chin slams. It will then re-run over these marks, rubbing the graphite off the ground as it runs. Underneath the black rock on their stomach, their stomach is solid white. They have pink eyes, which leads experts to say their eyesight may be poor. They are yellow in color, with a black chin, resembling a common pencil.

Graphite Uragaan
Graphite Uragaan Icon A subspecies of Uragaan with a pointed chin that can be used to make intricate pieces of art. They sharpen their chins on rocks, so if a rock has a black line across it, nine times out of ten it means a Graphite Uragaan is there with you.


They live in volcanic areas where they can find ores to build up their chin. They, when alone, draw anything they take interest in. They occasionally even draw themselves. Males can be identified by a black stripe running from their head to the end of their tail. If there is another, they will befriend one another, and draw together. They are very social, and can sometime be encountered in a pack. This, along with flashy drawings for females, allows Graphite Uragaan to find other members of their species and reproduce.


When they chin slam, they can break shards off of their chin that fly in various directions. This inflicts bleeding, as well as poisoned. They can cover their chin in berries, almost like Rathalosaurus' Mikiragaan, and color their graphite. The color shows what affliction the trail left from the chin will have.

Orange - Fire

Blue - Water

Green - Sleep

White - Ice

Rage and Tired States

*Rage State:

Graphite Uragaan will break it's graphite chin in half, giving it's chin two points. These draw double lines, and can spear hunters, sending them flying. In this state, they will huff black smoke.

*Tired State:

Black fluid will drip from their mouth, and they will occasionally stop to draw steaks.


It will thrash violently for a moment then do a 360 spin, drawing a circle on the ground.


It shares attacks with Steel Uragaan and Mikiragaan, so these attacks are specific to this monster.

Random Picture Charge

Graphite Uragaan will charge, creating a random picture. It will then trace back over this picture, charging all the way back to the starting point.

Shard Slam

Graphite Uragaan will charge at the hunter if they are not close enough, then slam their chin down, sending graphite/lead shards in various direction

Fake Limp

Graphite Uragaan will fake a limp into an area, then it will wait until the hunter enters that area, then attack them as they enter the area.

Penta-Picture Rush

Graphite Uragaan will charge at the hunter five times, then end with a Shard Slam, creating five lines and a black chin impact spot.

Perfect Circle Spin-Towards

Graphite Uragaan will spin in circles, creating a random of three to ten perfect circles while spinning towards the hunter.

Self Portrait Charge

Graphite Uragaan will draw a picture of it's head, then do a Shard Slam in the area of it's eye.

Breakable Parts


It's chin will shatter to the point where it almost looks like a normal Uragaan


The spikes on it's back will break, dropping a shiny.


It's tail will be cut off, and will fly a certain distance.


Rarity Name Attack Affinity Sharpness Element Description Price
Great Sword Icon Blue
Graph Chin 1500 15% Blue/White Sleep The sharp chin of a Graphite Uragaan. Whenever somebody swings it, it leaves a trail of graphite. 10000z
Hammer Icon Blue
Graph Eraser 1050 30% Blue/White Sleep The tail of a Graphite Uragaan, reformed to be used as a hammer. It still has some rock clusters. 9000z
Dual Blades Icon Blue
Graph Spans 650 50% Blue/White Sleep The spines of a Graphite Uragaan, covered in the dust from it's chin. It leaves a trail of black dust when swung. 7000z


Icon Item Name Description Qty Drop Rate Type
Monster Parts Icon Black
G. Ura Chin+ A black chin from a Graphite Uragaan. It contains enough graphite to make pencils for an entire art college. 1 12% Body Carve-Break Head
Scale Icon Yellow
G. Ura Scale+ The hard scale of a Graphite Uragaan. It has a texture similar to wood, but the strength of Draconite. 1-3 46% Body Carve-Shiny Drop
Carapace Icon Yellow
G. Ura Carapace The hard shell of a Graphite Uragaan. It can repel the strikes of many weapons. 1-2 34% Body Carve-Shiny Drop
Monster Parts Icon Black
G. Ura Marrow+ The dusty marrow of a Graphite Uragaan. It puffs out dust when squeezed, and a black fluid when put under pressure. 1-2 10% Sever Tail
Monster Parts Icon White
G. Ura Scute+ A scute that has many drawings on it. There appears to be a drawing of a hunter cooking a steak on it. 1 8% Sever Tail
Mantle Icon Black
G. Ura Mantle A rare, black gem that leaks graphite when removed from inside the Graphite Uragaan. It feels like it still contains the soul of the Graphite Uragaan. 1 5% Body Carve
Claw Icon Black
G. Ura Claw+ A black claw that can make drawings when a Graphite Uragaan's chin is dull. The wounds they make sting like fire. 1-3 50% Body Carve-Shiny Drop


  • I got this idea when I picked up a pencil to make an Uragaan concept. Funny, eh?
  • For how much I hate school, the idea of a monster based on a pencil seems cool to me.
  • They are rivals with any monster that treads on their artwork. If one steps on it's art, it will come running from anywhere it may be.

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