Granthur by DinoHunter2
Titles Island Shell Turtle
Nicknames Arthur
General Info
Species Behemoth
Habitats Flooded Forest, Jungle, Mangrove Estuary
Size Big
Relatives Wagamos, Murgoth
Signature Move Shell spin
Elements Element Water
Ailments Element WaterStatus Mudded
Weaknesses Element FireElement Thunder
Creator DinoHunter2
Granthur is a Behemoth that dwells swampy areas and loves worms.

Granthur by DinoHunter2


Granthur has a surprisingly flat body, its shell is wide and round like a plate and forms a big platform where numerous plants can grow, making it look like an isle. Its head is small and normally hidden under the shell, but it can stretch is neck enough. Its front legs are strong with big claws made for burrowing.


This marsh-dwelling Behemoth spends most of its time buried in the mud, slowly crawling around in search of food like tubers and worms. It has a symbiotic relationship with the plants around it, as they can easily flourish on the moist, dirt-covered platform that is its back. The plants in turn provide camouflage, letting the Granthur disappear from predators. If covered in plants, a Granthur will never submerge underwater- though it may still swim around at the surface, looking like a small island.


In battle, the Granthur is unpredictable and surprisingly fast for a Chelonoid. Its streamlined shape and large, burrowing paws allow it to slide easily in and out of soft ground, moving around beneath hunters' feet and suddenly attacking from below. It attacks primarily by biting, spitting globs of slime to induce Waterblight, and ramming its massive body into opponents. Because of its disc-shaped shell and muddy habitat it can rapidly spin itself by kicking off on one side and tucking in its extremities. This fearsome signature move can easily strike multiple hunters at once, covering a wide area in a short span of time and dealing heavy damage. Hunters who dodge the attack but stay nearby can still be hit by the spray and suffer the Muddy status. When done it will stop itself by digging in the larger claws on its hind legs.

Over the course of a fight the island on the Granthur's back will gradually fall apart as it takes damage and begins moving more aggressively. This can be observed by leaves and chunks of earth falling from its back whenever it flinches or performs a particularly rigorous attack. The structure can be "broken" twice, first losing a large chunk of mud, then completely falling apart. Both instances are likely to drop shinies. Without its outer covering the Granthur's weakness to fire dramatically increases, but it can also move faster without the additional weight.


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  • After removing the dirt, its shell can be damaged once, its front legs can be damaged as well.
  • Granthur can be caught on a fishing rod like Gobul and Plesioth, but is attracted to worms instead of frogs and can deal damage if it lands on a hunter.
  • Depending on the quest, it can be found with or without an island over its shell.