Gragnant by Setheo
Titles The Boxer King Crab
Nicknames Punchy
General Info
Species Carapaceon
Habitats All Areas with Water
Size 1890.20 cm
1280.60 cm
Relatives None
Signature Move Claw punch
Elements Element Water Water
Ailments Severe Waterblight Severe Waterblight
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Element Ice Ice
Creator Setheo

A rather vicious Crab that likes to knock out its prey and foes. It is told that it can defend its territory even against Lagiacrus and other larger Leviathans.


Grangrant are large Carapaceons that dwell in areas near shorelines such as the Deserted Isle or Jungles. Their main prey are fish which are near the shore but they are able to enter the water to catch fish further into the seas. Grangrant have an incredibly strong carapace that is difficult to damage with low sharpness but they have weak spots on their legs and their eyes which take the most amount of damage.


When Grangrant have been feeding near the shore they have been mistaken as smaller Carapaceons by the Leviathans and water dwelling monsters such as Plesioth in their area, this an prove a nuisance for the Grangrant but also the attacking monster as the Grangrant may strike a deadly blow to them.


Grangrant's attacks consist of claw swipes at the hunter in attempt to damage them at close range, a charge attack which can be finished with a left or right tail swipe which does heavy damage to whatever it hits and it can even lunge out of the water at an enemy when it is unseen which can cause a great amount of damage to a hunter.

Breakable parts/ Weakness Chart

Breakable parts

  • Antennae's x2
  • Claws x2
  • Tail (Break) x1



  • Switch Axe: Grangrant's Demise
  • Bowgun: Grangrant Blaster


  • Monster icon Gragnant Icon