Titles Swift Glide Frog
Nicknames Gliz
General Info
Species Amphibian
Habitats Cold areas, Deserts
Size Medium
Relatives None
Signature Move Glide Spin
Elements None
Ailments Status Stun Status Paralysis
Weaknesses Element FireElement Dragon
Creator Narwhaler
Glizarbute is an Amphibian monster adapted to cold areas.


Glizarbute's body is slender, with long limbs and a pointy mouth. It has a dull, dark blue colour with white spots over its upper body that turn into bright yellow stripes on its lower body, while its strange shaped tail has reddish tones. The laterals are covered with arrow-like plates. Its head is wide, with a big mouth and enormous yellow eyes with crests above them and two barbs on its chin. Its limbs, long and slender yet muscular, end in enormous webbed feet. The webbing is bright yellow and its attached to a special bony protrusion that extends it to the forearm. Its tongue is quite long and pointy.


Glizarbute lives in cold areas, but some individuals have also been seen in desertic areas during the night for unknown reasons. They have a vision adapted to the dark and can move quite fast. These Amphibians are carnivorous, but prefer to feed on small prey rather than big prey, they adore Neopterons, but will also feed on herbivores or small wyverns, even fish, in some occasions.

The main defense for Glizarbute is its agility and cunning. This Amphibian can move very fast and attack from different angles jumping from a side to another, however, its most stunning ability is gliding like a flying squirrel. Its webbed feet allow them flying, but also moving through fragile surfaces, even water, and attacking with claps.


Glizarbute's main ability is gliding using its webbed feet. Thanks to this, it can travel long distances relatively quickly and cross risky terrains such as hollows or cliffs. This can also be used for attacking by flying low to hit its enemies.

Its long and strong legs can reach a rather wide area, hitting with strong kicks, claw swipes and feet slams. One of its special moves is turning around while slamming its feet on the ground. It can also make clamorous claps, resulting a quite dangerous move when jumping over a hunter to slap it. It can also use its webbing to create wind pressure and leave its rivals vulnerable for an attack. Other moves are body slams, bites and mid-ranged tongue attacks.

When enraged it can combine its glides with tongue attacks, and it will also extend its claws, usually retracted, to make its attacks more dangerous. Its tongue also gets a paralyzing effect. Its most powerful attack is jumping and starting to spin very fast, similar to a helicopter, and fall onto a hunter.


  • Its head and each feet can be damaged.
  • When tired it will feed on a carcass or a Bnahabra nest.