Titles Glass Artisan
Nicknames Glass
Glass Agnaktor
General Info
Species Leviathan
Habitats Dunes
Sandy Plains
Size Large
Relatives Agnaktor
Glacial Agnaktor
Signature Move
Elements Element Fire Fire
Ailments Element Fire Fireblight
None Crystallization
Creator Dragonzzilla

The Glasernos (pronounced gla-sehr-nos) is a species of Leviathan found only in sandy deserts. It superheats sand to form glass, which it uses to maneuver about its environment and combat threats.


The Glasernos is a quadrupedal Leviathan of similar size and build to the volcanic-dwelling Agnaktor.


The Glasernos shares many attacks with other serpentine Leviathans. Just like the Agnaktor, it can produce a powerful orange beam that burns at a high temperature. This beam can super-heat any sand it comes into contact with, turning it into smooth glass.

  • Backflip Burrow: The Glasernos performs a backflip, slamming into the sand.
  • Burrow: The Glasernos slams its head into the sand, and burrows beneath.
  • Heat Beam: The Glasernos fires a beam of fire directly at an opponent, damaging enemies struck and inflicting Fireblight. If enraged, the beam will become blue, dealing even more damage. Any sand the heat beam hits becomes glassy.
  • Leaping Burrow: The Glasernos leaps toward an enemy, entering the sand at high-velocity.
  • Pitfall: The burrowed Glasernos churns the sand beneath a foe, causing the sand to begin sinking in a pit. Hunters attempting to escape the pit are slowed and slowly slide toward the bottom. At the end of it, the Glasernos launches from the ground, damaging and knocking unfortunate hunters into the air. This move can only be performed when the Glasernos is underground.


An exotic desert-dwelling Leviathan. Its streamlined body helps it slide over the glass it creates by superheating sand.

  • Order: Leviathan
  • Suborder: Leviathan
  • Infraorder: Dry Leviathan
  • Family: Glasernos
Habitat Range

Glasernos are found only in sandy deserts with plentiful dunes.

Biological Adaptations

By firing a superheated beam, Glasernos can turn the sand of their environment into glass, which they can use to traverse the difficult environment of the desert. Their bodies are streamlined so to better slide over the glass.


Glasernos are highly intelligent monsters. They are suspicious of unfamiliar objects, and will consciously avoid traps they've seen deployed, unless they are enraged. If knocked over, a Glasernos won't waste time righting itself, and will instead burrow into the ground so it can reposition itself in safety. If its quarry turns to flee, a Glasernos will purposely create glass obstructions to block escape.

Unusual for monsters of their size and predatory nature, Glasernos have been observed engaging in activities for sheer enjoyment, such as creating glass slides on massive dunes and sliding down on them.



  • The Glasernos' name is derived from the German adjective for glass, Gläsern.