Glacera are female Brute Wyverns appearing in Monster Hunter Venture.
Titles Emerald Cutting Wyvern
Nicknames Mrs. Glavenus, Queen Of Blades
General Info
Species Brute Wyvern
Habitats Verdant Jungle, Blasted Desert, Royal Forest, Magma Cauldron
Size Large
Relatives Glavenus
Signature Move Backflip Slash
Elements Fire
Ailments Fireblight, Bleeding
Weaknesses Water, Dragon
Creator TheBrilliantLance


As Glacera is the female counterpart of Glavenus, the two look very similar. However, they do have several noteable differences. The most obvious difference is that Glacera is emerald green where Glavenus is red, and an onyx color where Glavenus is steel-blue. Glacera also sports thicker fangs, a longer, thinner tail, and longer legs in comparison to its male counterpart.


Glacera cannot heat its tail like Glavenus. However, it can sharpen its tail to a much higher degree than Glavenus can, to the point where its tail can cause Bleeding at full sharpness. Due to its lower body weight, it can also run faster than Glavenus, and can even perform acrobatic flips in midair.


Glacera shares some attacks with Glavenus, but has a few of its own.

Super Sharpen: Rather than heating its tail, Glacera has another strategy. When its tail is in the Sharp phase, it will stick it into its mouth and sharpen it again. When it comes out, the tail will now be a more sheeny black, which signals that it is now in its SuperSharpened phase. While it is in this mode, all its tail attacks will cause Bleeding.

Magma Bullet: Rather than shooting out mortar-like fireballs like Glavenus, Glacera will instead shoot out multiple small balls of fire like a gatling gun. These fireballs cause Fireblight.

Cross Slash: Glacera puts its tail in front of its face and slashes diagonally twice.

Tornado Spin: Glacera spins around like a Duramboros, starting off slowly but eventually building up speed.

Triple Bite: Glacera bites forward three times with its sharp teeth. Causes Bleeding.

Backflip Slash: Glacera runs at a hunter like a Yian Garuga, and then performs a jumping backflip.


{{{Monster Icon}}} A fearsome emerald brute wyvern with a bladelike tail, Glacera possesses sharp scales and even sharper senses. Acrobatic in the air and nimble on its feet, it can even outpace a Velocidrome. Their tails are also prime materials for weapon-crafting due to their natural sharpness.

Glacera may be smaller than Glavenus, but it is no less ferocious. They stake out massive territories and guard them jealously, and these territories can often be identified by slash marks on trees. Like Glavenus, Glacera is an apex predator, and the only things that can eat it are large Elder Dragons.


  • Glacera is known to be just as intelligent as Glavenus, if not more so.
  • Glacera mainly preys upon Larinoth, Aptonoth, and Yian Kut-Ku.
  • Glacera is known to be more secretive than Glavenus.
    • In-universe, this is why it was discovered after Glavenus was.


  • Glacera's black tail was based on an obsidian knife.

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