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This is the Flagship Monster of Monster Hunter Project Gigas

Gigabota by Setheo
Titles Brute Earth Bug
Nicknames Giga, Bota
General Info
Species Neopteron
Habitats Overgrown Shrine, Misty Rainforest
Size Medium
Relatives Seltas, Seltas Queen, Hornetaur
Signature Move Earth toss with pincers
Elements Element Earth
Ailments None
Weaknesses Element Ice Element Wind
Creator Setheo


Gigabota's are very similar to a stag beetle. Its elytrons are green and it has two pairs of transparent, light blue wings. Although only two pairs of limbs are visible, the third pair is hidden under its fur. They are of a blue-green coloration, and the first one is used mostly as a weapon while the second one is used for walking. Their mandibles are a bright red and much larger on males. Their undersides are covered by a white, thick fur.


Gigabota are mostly passive. They use their strong mandibles to crush large fruits and feed on the smaller pieces as also trees to feed of the sap juice of it. They can also be observed eating honey from gathering spots. Males, however, become extremely aggresive during mating season, attacking anything that enters their territories. A male with a mating female becomes even more aggresive to the point it almost enters a berserk state, becoming extremely dangerous to even get near its territory.


Gigabota uses brute force to attack. It will slash with its front legs, body slam, or ram hunters at high speeds while flying. It can unearth a massive boulder from the ground with its jaws, then crush it sending the shards flying around it. It can also throw rocks in the form of projectiles, similar to what Lagombi does. With its wings it is able to create an odd shock wave of air tossing hunters in the air similar to Kushala Daora's wind barrier.

Rage and Tired State

When enraged, it will buzz and snap its mandibles ferociously. It will become faster and attack more aggresively. When tired it will be unable to fly. It will dig up a large fruit and eat it to recover stamina.


Same as other Neopterons.

Breakable Parts/Weakness Chart

  • Head
  • Fur
  • Front legs (once each)
  • Elytrons


  • All the Gigabotas found in-game are male.
  • Dealing enough damage with Ice to the fur under its head will make it possible to cut it.
  • When the fur is cut the tiny third pair of arms are visible.