Giaruga Kuruga
Titles Primeval Blade Wyvern
The Sword in the Snow
Nicknames Giarga.
General Info
Species Flying Wyvern
Habitats Crystal Canyon, Vallhalian Anchor, Ultima Fortress
Size Large
Relatives Nargacuga, Barioth
Signature Move Blade Stunt
Elements Element Ice
Ailments Severe Iceblight Status Frostbite Status Snowman
Weaknesses Element Fire
Creator YukiHerz

The Giargacuga is a Flying Wyvern that inhabits sub-zero environments and is an Origin Species of Nargacuga and Barioth.


Giargacugas are long and slender Flying Wyverns covered in sharp yet thin white scales that may be mistaken as hairs, it has a skeleton similar to that of Nargacuga and Barioth, with dented blades on each wing and an amber beak, its eyes are blue and glow when enraged, leaving a trail much like Nargacuga's.

It has strong legs which it uses to leap and hold onto walls and ceilings at will, its tail is as long as its body, and it can be moved with such freedom that it can also be rolled like a Chameleos' tail, at the sides of these tails it has strong spikes similar to those of Barioth.

In its throat resides an underdeveloped sac that can freeze the hydrogen in the air and use it to spit ice-elemental attacks.


Giargacuga Icon
A large flying wyvern related to Nargacuga and Barioth, it uses its sharp fur-like scales to peel foes and cut armor.

Giargacugas are rare sights, of every 5 reports, 4 end up being Barioths.


Giargacuga's scales and blades are among the sharpest natural objects known in nature, with these, the Giargas dominate close quarters fights and make up for their limited range by being able to throw shed scales from its tail much like Nargacuga.

The Giargacuga is the maximum predator in its territory, being able to surpass the invasive Deviljho and the Elder Dragons Kushala Daora and Toa Tesukatora. Some Savage Deviljho corpses have been found, completely mutilated with Giargacuga scales across their bodies, these scales are imbued with the Ice Element.

During its signature attack, Blade Stunt, it will jump, leap and spin across the entire area while throwing sharp scales and attacking hunters with its wingblades, at such speeds that it leaves a ghost trail behind itself, ending in a jump and a drill-dive towards any living target. Using its sac it can spit chunks of ice and snow at the hunters.

When enraged, it will roar and all of its scales will stand up, increasing attack power, some of its attacks while enraged can inflict Frostbite.



Icon Name Description
High Rank
Scale Icon White Giargacuga Scale The bright scale of a Giargacuga, cold as ice.
Claw Icon Light Blue Giargacuga Hair A thin spike from a Giargacuga, it is in fact an elongated scale.
Monster Parts Icon White Giargacuga Nerves Nervous System of a Giargacuga, can work at full speed in sub-zero temperatures.
Scale Icon Orange Giargacuga Slicer A sharp, long and sturdy plate that acts as wing-blades.
Bone Icon Orange Giargacuga Beak The sturdy beak of Giargacuga.
Monster Parts Icon Light Blue Giargacuga Heart The heart of a Giargacuga, said to hold great prowess.
G Rank
Scale Icon White Giargacuga Scale+ The bright scale of a Giargacuga, dangerously freezing.
Claw Icon Light Blue Giargacuga Spire A thin spike from a Giargacuga, said to pierce the heavens.
Monster Parts Icon Light Blue Giargacuga Muscle Tissue Muscle Tissue of Giargacuga, provides great impermeability.
Scale Icon Orange Giargacuga Peeler Dangerous to the touch.
Bone Icon Orange Giargacuga Skull The grim skull of a Giargacuga.
Monster Parts Icon Light Blue Giargacuga Brain The brain of a Giargacuga.

Other Forms

Supreme Legend Giargacuga

Supreme Legend Giargacuga Icon
A darker-toned Giargacuga that is exceptionally strong and able to use a broader set of attacks.
Difficulty: ★★★★★★★★

The Deviant Giargacuga, called the Supreme Legend Giargacuga, is a powerful variant found only in the Ultima Fortress. Its body has a darker tone with blood splatters, its blades are longer and the wingarms are much more developed.

This Giargacuga can also be differentiated by its two tusks protruding from its beak, similar to Barioth's, it can use these tusks to crush ice and scatter ice shards around, causing damage.

It has developed most moves seen in quadrupedal flying wyverns, being able to imitate Tigrex, Barioth, Nargacuga, Dyuragaua and Nargacuga to perfection.

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