Titles Double Head Lizard
Nicknames Geco
General Info
Species Behemoth
Habitats Moor, Mangrove_Estuary
Size Medium
Relatives (N/A)
Signature Move Rolling attack
Elements (N/A)
Ailments (N/A)
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Creator Setheo


Gecobatto are medium sized lizards which have two heads but only one of the heads seem to have life, the other is used simply for a distraction, such as if it is taking too much damage it can flee and switch around to fool the hunter into damaging the lifeless head. This monster lives in Swamps where it preys upon Neopterons such as Vespoid but when they get together in a pack they are able to take down large Carapaceons with ease.

Although it uses the lifeless head as a distraction it can be severed which means it will be more simple for the hunter to track the head which is alive. It has 4 large spikes on its back which protects it from most attacks. Although rather small in size compared to a hunter they are extremely nimble and strong, many hunters find the Gecobatto intimidating because of its strange features.


Gecobatto's attacks consist of fast paced charging, a pin attack where it charges backwards and then spins around to eat the hunter and pin them, claw swipes, similar to Uragaan it is able to roll for short lengths to crush the hunter with its weight.

Breakable Parts

  • False head can be severed
  • Back x2
  • Head x2


  • Switch Axe Icon RedSwitch Axe: Head Changer Axe
  • Hunting Horn Icon RedHunting Horn: Geco's whisper