Titles Frost Widow
Nicknames Garumu
General Info
Species Fanged Beast
Habitats Tundras, Poles
Size Large
Relatives Kamu/Nono Orugaron, Midogaron
Signature Move Ice Sawblade
Elements Ice
Ailments Iceblight, Corrupt Poison
Weaknesses Fire
Creator YukiHerz
The Garumugaron is a non-natural (produced from the actions of hunters) Fanged Beast encountered in freezing regions.


The Garumugaron is an old Nono Orugaron, it retains many of its traits, but it also sports large razor-sharp crystals growing from its spine and legs, have ice horns and larger, Barioth-like tusks, they are larger than most Orugarons.

Their frontal muscles are much more developed than their hind ones, so they have a higher emphasis on strong physical attacks.


Question Mark Icon White The Garumugaron is a white and cyan Fanged Beast that invades the coldest environments.

Garumugarons don't usually occur naturally, instead they are the result of hunting a Kamu Orugaron that had a Nono partner, the then lonely Nono travels to a colder region and begins a killing rampage on the zones, which in turn hone its powers higher.


Garumugarons have strong bodies and are capable of powerful ice attacks, while it retains the entire moveset of Nono Orugaron, she can also drop damaging ice shards on the ground and generate ice spikes in a small radius from its paw, they also have upgraded forms of Nono attacks, their true ferocity becomes apparent when enraged, an icy aura will surround it and its ice becomes violet, signifying usage of corrupted poison.


  • While many times Orugaron hunts may end with only Kamu dead, Garumugarons are very rare, as the raging Nono may sometimes be killed after attacking more powerful monsters such as Deviljho or Toa Tesukatora.
  • Its name comes from Garm and Orugaron.

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