None Yet
Titles Mini Cutter Squid
Nicknames Chibi Ganqeon, Si
General Info
Species Mollusk
Habitats Deserted Island, Flooded Forest, Spotted Coast, Water Arena, Defiant Stronghold
Size Small
Relatives Ganqeon, Amura Gansi, Zenfor Gansi, Amura Ganqeon, Zenfor Ganqeon
Signature Move Cutting Spin
Elements None
Ailments Status Bleeding
Weaknesses Element Fire Element Thunder
Creator Chaoarren

The Gansi are young of Ganqeon.


Gansi Icon by Chaoarren The young of Ganqeon. Although they are very weak in endurance their blades are already sharp as knifes. They have been known to have been birthed in a strange way when a Ganqeon is under threat.

Basically put, they are younglings of Ganqeon with a much more simple appearance. Their head is their body at this stage, with shorter tentacles and no horns. They lack the vent that they grow when mature.


  • Headbutt: Rushes into hunters.
  • Slicing: Stalls for a seconds then spins around while spinning its blades. Can cause Bleeding if they hit twice.


Low Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Hide Icon Pink Gansi Hide Piece of Gansi hide. Very weak in its current state, it has a lot of growing to do. This can easily be carved by a mere rock.

High Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Hide Icon Pink Gansi Hide+ Classified as a average strength material, some have harder skin than others.

G Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Hide Icon Pink Gansi Piel What it lacks in defence, it makes up for in lightness.


  • Unlike Ganqeon its name remained the same when it was transferred from OldFanon to here.