Gammoth Patriarch
Gammoth Concept Art 01
Titles Father of Giants
Lord of the North
Nicknames Hardcore Gammoth
Papa Gammoth
General Info
Species Fanged Beast
Habitats Arctic Areas
Size Large
Relatives Gammoth
Signature Move Plowing Charge
Elements Element Ice Ice
Ailments Element Ice Iceblight
Status Snowman Snowman
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Element Thunder Thunder
Creator Dragonzzilla

The Gammoth Patriarch is a variant of the Gammoth. It is a mature male Gammoth.


Mature male Gammoth have dark reddish-brown fur, fringed with silver and white where females are red. This fur is actually silver with age, and denotes maturity. The males' facial plating is also distinctively spikier than the females', and runs down the length of its truck. The males also have larger and sharper tusks, which point forward rather than curl upward.


The Gammoth Patriarch possesses all the moves of Gammoth, with some variations.

  • Chained Trunk Smash: The Gammoth Patriarch can slam its trunk up to three times, slightly readjusting itself with every strike.
  • Plowing Charge: The Gammoth Patriarch lowers its head then charges forward, plowing aside snow. This snow inflicts Snowman. At the end of its charge or upon hitting an enemy, the Gammoth Patriarch jerks its head skyward, launching foes into the air.
  • Hindleg Smash: The Gammoth Patriarch briefly rears on its forelegs, then smashes down its hindlegs.
  • Hindleg Stomp: The Gammoth Patriarch stomps one of its hindlegs, trying to get at flanking enemies.
  • Tail Sweep: The Gammoth Patriarch sweeps its tail left and right, brushing enemies away from its hindlegs.


Gammoth Patriarch
Gammoth Patriarch Icon A mature male Gamoth, some of whose hair has gone silver with age. No larger than the female, but certainly more aggressive and built for combat. They preside over a large territory, protecting all the females and calves therein.


Icon Name Description
Hide Icon Dark Brown Gammoth P. Pelt Dark reddish-brown fur, taken from a male Gammoth. Thick and coarse, but insulates very well.
Hide Icon Grey Gammoth P. Silverfur Aged hair taken from an elder Gammoth male. Worn on the hats of respected village elders.
Carapace Icon Brown Gammoth P. Shell Durable armor taken from the Gammoth's legs. Also found running down the trunks of males.
Claw Icon Brown Gammoth P. Tusk Longer and sharper than those of a female Gammoth.
Monster Parts Icon Brown Gammoth P. Scalp A piece taken from the jagged facial plating of a mature male. Spikier than the female's.
Claw Icon Brown Gammoth P. Trunkspike
Ore Icon White Snowclod A clump of snow hardened by the material secreted from a Gammoth's leg.
Medicine Icon Light Blue Beast Tear

Icon Name Description
Hide Icon Dark Brown Gammoth P. Pelt+
Hide Icon Grey Gammoth P. Silverfur+
Carapace Icon Brown Gammoth P. Shell+
Claw Icon Brown Gammoth P. Tusk+
Monster Parts Icon Brown Gammoth P. Scalp+
Claw Icon Brown Gammoth P. Trunkspike+
Ore Icon White Large Snowclod A large clump of snow stuck to a Gammoth's leg. It is very hard and doesn't melt easily.
Medicine Icon Light Blue Large Beast Tear
Ball Icon White Gammoth Ice Orb A gem from inside a Gammoth. Named for its ice-like clarity and being as shiny as a jewel.


  • The Gammoth Patriarch's appearance was inspired by the confirmation that all the Gammoth fought in Monster Hunter Generations are actually female, and by Gammoth concept art that depicts a Gammoth with spikier facial plating and brown fur.
  • Part of the Gammoth Patriarch's inspiration came from the notion of making a harder Gammoth. Whenever I saw videos of the Gammoth, people pretty much avoided most of its attacks by keeping to its hindlegs. It didn't seem right that a flagship monster be evaded so easily, or that exciting; hence the expanded moveset.