Galetrice by DinoHunter2
Titles Dashing Speed Bird
Nicknames Roadruner, Gale
General Info
Species Bird Wyvern
Habitats Dunes, Sandy Plains
Size Medium
Relatives Altrymis
Signature Move Woodpecker hammering
Elements Element Ice
Ailments Element Ice
Weaknesses Element ThunderStatus Paralysis
Creator DinoHunter2
Galetrice is a fast Bird Wyvern found in deserts.


Galetrice is a long and slim Bird Wyvern with an appearance similar to a roadrunner and a woodpecker. Its feathered body has dark tones with tufts of light color. Its long tail, which has two elegant long feathers on the base, procures a perfect balance when running. Its hind legs are slender but strong with sharp claws and talons, while its front legs are atrophied. Its beak is barbed and sharp and its throat has a strange colourful membrane.


Galetrice inhabits desertic areas, but it only goes out at night when the temperature is low. It preys on small creatures like Kelbi or Neopterons, it's also known for hammering trees and anthills with its beak to feed on bugs.

Galetrice moves with remarkable speed and agility, easily able to outmaneuver hunters, leap up ledges, and even briefly run up walls. Without traps, bombs, and smart timing it can be a nightmare for blademasters to solo. Surprisingly it can spit globs of chilled liquid that inflict iceblight, making keeping up with it even more frustrating. It can also surprise hunters with a pin attack, holding them down with its zygodactyl feet and hammering them with its beak woodpecker-style. Sonic bombs can be used to startle and stun it, but after too many uses it will get used to them and no longer be affected.


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  • Its head and hind legs can be damaged and its tail can be severed.