Gajuthanu render by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis
Titles The Steppe Trunk
Sand Coloured Tusk in the Dark
Nicknames Small Gammoth, Deinotherium
General Info
Species Fanged Beast
Habitats Ancestral Steppe, Highland, Primal Forest, Sand's Heart
Size Largest: 2000.5 cm
Smallest: 1700 cm
Relatives Sanddevil Gajuthanu, Coalblack Gajuthanu, Gammoth
Signature Move Trunk Pin
Elements Element Earth
Ailments Status MuddedStatus Paralysis
Weaknesses Element Ice
Creator Rathalosaurus rioreurensis

Gajuthanu (jap. Gaijiuthanusu) is a close relative of the mighty Gammoth. It is somewhat less hostile than its cousin, but can attack with pure force when angered. They have got two red tusks in their lower jaw, which they can use as weapons, but they often don't, because the tusks are in a bad position.


Gajuthanu looks similar to Gammoth, having several mammoth-like features. However, unlike Gammoth, it doesn't look much like a Woolly Mammoth, more like a mix between a Deinotherium and a Columbian Mammoth. Their trunk has several stripes on it, possibly to deter enemies, although their size often is frightening enough.

They are sometimes seen to help the villagers  of Belrina with some works, much like real life Asian Elephants, though only the females can be used as helpers, as the males often are to aggressive,especially when in musth. When they are in musth, their trunk changes from sandy brown to striking red, the stripes get very deep black coloured. Because the males are extremely dangerous when in musth, there are special quests, G3 only, that sends hunters to hunt such males.


Females (which can be determined by having shorter tusks and being smaller) are friendly and don't fight. Usually, they flee as fast as possible, when they encounter an enemy. They are powerful, but won't use their power as much as the males do.

Males are bigger and have longer tusks. They can be quite aggressive, especially, when in musth. But whenever they are not in musth, they still shouldn't be challenged, though they are less menacing than their cousins, Gammoth.


Gajuthanu Icon A big, steppe dwelling elephant. These monsters are not as hostile as their cousins, Gammoth, and the females are used by the villagers of Belrina to help them with building things, etc. The males are very dangerous, and when they get in musth, they can destroy an entire forest.

Rage and Tired States

  • Enraged
    • Fur stands up and trunk inflates. Huffs black dust
  • Tired
    • Fur falls flat, trunk looses colour.


The mount is the same as with Gammoth. When enraged, it can hit the hunter with its trunk


Notes: It shares attacks with Gammoth.

While calm:

  • Roar: Roars in manner of Gammoth.
  • Charge: Starts to run like an actual elephant, finishes it with a heavy stomp.
  • WIP

Music Theme

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Icon Item Name Description Qty Drop Rate Type
Monster Parts Icon Black Black Fur Black Pelt growing on the back of Gajuthanu. Strong, soft and nice. 1 38% Body Carve - Shiny Drop
Bone Icon Brown Gajuthanu Toe Nail It sounds more disgusting than in actually is. This nail is very, very hard, piercing through stone with ease. 1-2 29% Body Carve - Break Toe Nails
Monster Parts Icon Orange Gajuthanu Trunk Tip The flexible tip of a Gajuthanu's trunk. It has got almost finger-like appendages. The skin is almost warm, though very wrinkled. 1 29% Body Carve - Scar Trunk
Hide Icon Orange Wrinkled Hide As wrinkled as the trunk. Coloured in many orange and brown tones. Can be used to craft many things. 1 22% Body Carve
Claw Icon Brown Gajuthanu Tusk A tusk that appears to be a major weapon, but it is not. It is facing backwards and bent upwards. However, when you turn it around, you can see that this is still dangerous. 1-2 20% Body Carve - Break Tusks
Dung Icon Brown Shiny Mud Even better than Fertile Mud. The best for farming. 1 25% Body Carve - Shiny Drop
Hide Icon Black Black Belly Pelt Now this truly is the best. This pelt grows on the belly of Gajuthanu and is very, very soft, but withstands most cutting weapons. 1 15% Body Carve - Shiny Drop
Carapace Icon Black Black Knee Plate Strong plate, growing on the knees of Gajuthanu. If you see the monster, the plates appear not to be there. But they are just coloured the same as the skin underneath. 1 8% Body Carve - Break Knee Plating
Monster Parts Icon Dark Green Gajuthanu Eye Unlike the toe-nail, this sounds as disgusting as it looks. It is the shining green eye of a Gajuthanu. What could it be for? 1 3% Body Carve
Ball Icon Dark Red Red Mud Diamond A diamond? In fact, this gem was made out of mud and red plants the Gajuthanu swallowed in its life. Looks similar to the so called 'Forest Soul Ruby'. Could there be a connection... 1 1% Body Carve - Shiny Drop



Great Sword Path

Rarity Name Attack Affinity Sharpness Element Description Price
Great Sword Icon Light Blue Maharaja Blade 912 10% White/White (Paralysis - 250) The blade of a noble lord. Its design and form are unusual, and so it is believed to come from far away. 90000z

Upgrades into:

Rarity Name Attack Affinity Sharpness Element Description Upgrade Cost
Great Sword Icon Magenta Rajasthan Ruler 1152 25% White/Purple Paralysis - 500 Named after the place it supposedly came from. The one who claims this blade shall rule over the country. 130000z



Rarity Name Defense Slots Description Cost
Gaaju Helmet


Coming soon...


The Steppe Trunk Gajuthanu Icon

  • Objective: Hunt a Gajuthanu
  • Subquest: Scar the Gajuthanu's trunk
  • Monsters: Aptonoth, Jaggi
  • Location: Ancestral Steppe
  • Time Limit: 50 min.
  • Environment: Stable
  • Reward: 15900z
  • HR Points: 950
  • Subquest Reward: 3600z
  • Subquest HR Points: 100
  • Contract Fee: 1600z
  • Description:
    • Client: Val Habar Village Chief
    • A huge, Elephant-like monster has appeared near our village. It has already exterminated some of our crops, and is a potential danger for us. Please, help our village in this crisis. I will reward you as best as possible!!

Sand coloured Tusk in the Dark Gajuthanu Icon MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon

  • Objective: Hunt a Gajuthanu
  • Subquest: Cut the fur on the back of Gajuthanu
  • Monsters: Aptonoth,Rathalos, Deviljho
  • Location: Highland
  • Time Limit: 50 min.
  • Environment: Unstable
  • Reward: 15900z
  • HR Points: 950
  • Subquest Reward: 3600z
  • Subquest HR Points: 100
  • Contract Fee: 1600z
  • Description:
    • Client: Old Hunter
    • I remember the old times. It was such a nice life, until this male Gajuthanu showed up. It scarred me for life, and has left me lying on the floor, waitimg for me to take a last breath. Please, hunter, avenge me and my fate!!

The Chin and the Tusk Mikiragaan Icon Gajuthanu Icon MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon

  • Objective: Hunt a Mikiragaan and a Gajuthanu
  • Subquest: Deliver five Moonshine Herbs
  • Monsters: Aptonoth, Mizutsune, Spider Queen Nerscylla
  • Location: Primal Forest
  • Time Limit: 50 min.
  • EnvironmentUnstable
  • Reward: 47000z
  • HR Points: 10000
  • Subquest Reward: 6000z
  • Subquest HR Points: 600
  • Contract Fee: 5000z
  • Description:
    • Client: Shrugging Child
    • I was playing in the forest, right? Then there was a terrible scream. One of my friends was running away, te-terrified b-b-by something. Then I saw I. There were two moving things. A living tree and a furry mountain with tusks. They teamed up to attack us and.... Please HELP OUR PEOPLE!!!

Pugna Elephantorum Gajuthanu Icon Gammoth Fanon Icon 50px

  • Objective: Hunt a Frenzied Gammoth and a Gajuthanu
  • Subquest: Deliver a Large Beast Tear
  • Monsters: none
  • Location: Arena (MH4)
  • Time Limit: 50 min.
  • Environment: Stable
  • Reward: 57000z
  • HR Points: 15000
  • Subquest Reward: 7000z
  • Subquest HR Points: 700
  • Contract Fee: 6000z
  • Description:
    • Client: Arena Manager
    • Suvivin'! That's the only thing that matters. Especially when facin' two huge beasts like those two down there in the arena. They are ma quest for ya. It is difficult, but I'm sure ya can master it, ya are an A Level hunter.

The Savannah calls Bulldrome Fanon Icon Congalala Fanon Icon Gajuthanu Icon MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon

  • Objective: Hunt all large Monsters
  • Subquest: Break the Fangs of Bulldrome
  • Monsters: Aptonoth, Kelbi, Chramine, Furious Rajang
  • Location: Ancestral teppe
  • Time Limit: 50 min.
  • Environment: Stable
  • Reward: 50000z
  • HR Points: 20000
  • Subquest Reward: 5000z
  • Subquest HR Points: 600
  • Contract Fee: 5000z
  • Description:
    • Client: Newbie Hunter
    • I wanted to hunt. Nothing more, nothing less. But then, I heard a strange sound. It was so unusual. It seemed that I could hear every monster in the Steppe, calling for me. But then, real monsters appeared, and things started to get difficult.

Advanced: Furry Elements Ash Kecha Wacha Fanon Icon Kecha Wacha Fanon Icon Rajang Fanon Icon Lagombi Fanon Icon Gajuthanu Icon Question Mark Icon 4th Fanon Icon

  • Objective: Hunt all large Monsters
  • Subquest: Break the Rajang's Horns
  • Monsters: none
  • Location: Moat Arena
  • Time Limit: 50 min.
  • Environment: Stable
  • Reward: 67000z
  • HR Points: 25000
  • Subquest Reward: 8000z
  • Subquest HR Points: 800
  • Contract Fee: 7000z
  • Description:
    • Client: Element Mastering Sorcerer
    • Elements. The things our world is made of. Everything is an element. Fire, Water, Thunder, Ice, Earth and Dragon. Which one will rule over you, and which one will you rule? Answer my question!!

Non-Subspecies Forms

Sanddevil Gajuthanu

The Deviant of Gajuthanu, introduced in Monster Hunter Online Generations Unite, the expansion to MHOG. It is a Gajuthanu that has had its mates slain in a horrible way, leaving it in a extremely aggressive state out of sorrow. It has replaced its mates with a Mikiragaan enslaved by a pheromone it produces that is identical to that of a Mikira, who is always in quests with it now, like with the Seltas Queen. Because of its extreme aggression, and the similarly aggressive Mikiragaan that is with it that can even be Forestguardian Mikiragaan, the Sanddevil is considered to be the strongest Deviant in that FanGame, even beyond Elder Dragon Deviants.


The Gajuthanu is a distant relative of the new-found Gammoth. It holds the place for the second-biggest Fanged Beast found in the world.

It inhabits places like the Ancestral Steppe and the Highland, usually places with more mountains. But it can also be found living in the humid Primal Forest.

Gajuthanu feeds on several plants and seeds, but will occasionally crush trees to eat the bark and the branches. This behavior makes it an optimal partner for the mighty Mikiragaan - they will team up when encountered together. Thus the Gajuthanu hasn't got any potential threats, even Deviljho avoids it as best as possible due to their hatred for Mikiragaan and the sheer size and power of Gajuthanu. 

When teamed up with Mikiragaan, one can see that they are similar in size, the Gajuthanu being a hint bigger than Mikiragaan. Unlike the Gammoth it only has fur on its upper body and tail, the rest of its skin being exposed. That is not a problem for this beast, as the skin is very thick. Its trunk is a bit longer than a Gammoth's and the tusks are far different - they grow out of the lower jaw and bend upwards. They are a weapon, but the Gajuthanu doesn't use it often, because it is too difficult. The tusks are bright red and used as a threat display however.


  • When encountered with Mikiragaan, it will team up with it, possibly hinting any sort of symbiotic relationship.
  • Oddly, when brought together with Gammoth - for example in the quest with both in the Arena - the Gajuthanu will behave in a strange manner, showing a submissive manner. However, when both are enraged, they will attempt to kill each other.
  • When fatigued, it will feed either on a large seed it tears out of the floor, or it will crush a tree and eat it.
    • When found with Mikiragaan, the Brute Wyvern will also eat from the remains of the tree.
    • This could again be a hint to any sort of symbiose.