Gaarung Render KitWhitham
Titles Sail Wyvern
Nicknames Gaar
General Info
Species Brute Wyvern
Habitats Savanna, Sandy Plains, Dunes
Size Large
Relatives Abiorugu
Signature Move Water beam, sail slash
Elements Element Water
Ailments Severe WaterblightStatus Mudded
Weaknesses Element ThunderElement Ice
Creator KitWhitham
Gaarung is a Brute Wyvern that inhabits the waterside of tropical regions.


Garuung's appearance similar to other Brute Wyverns, and resembles a Spinosaurus. It has a bulky body and a short snout with strong jaws and crushing teeth. Its scales are green with blue tones and a light yellow underbelly. Its most remarkable feature is the great sail running through its back with a tone of bright yellow. Its front legs are quite developed compared to other Brute Wyverns and have great claws, its tail is slightly plain, like a paddle, and helps the monster to swim along with its webbed feet.


Gaarung inhabits the water areas from savannas or swamps. It's a fierce and powerful predator that reigns over rivers and lakes, it likes to rest during the day between reeds and tall grass growing in the banks so it camouflages with its sail. It's mainly an ambush predator and attacks creatures that go there to drink, however, it can also hunt on land.

Gaarung has attacks similar to other Brute Wyverns, using its whole body or powerful jaws to attack, it can even adopt a quadruped stance to ram and slam at its enemies. It can also use its front legs to attack, swinging its claws with anger, or stomp victims with strong hind legs like a Deviljho. It can also use the tail to cover a wide area or raise dirt or water to trip its prey. Thanks to the developed torrent sac on its throat, it can spit waterballs or shoot a powerful water beam.

Underwater, Gaarung can charge like a Leviathan, attack with bites, lateral body slams, claw swipes or tail spins. It can even use its sharp sail spikes, rolling like a Gobul and hitting prey. It can also use its water breath with more power.


  • Its front legs, head and sail can be damaged and its tail can be severed.
  • When enraged its sail will turn orangeish and pale yellow when fatigued.
  • When near death it will fold its sail.