Frag Brachydios
Frag Brachydios by T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting)
Titles The Brave Grenadier
Nicknames Frag Brachy
General Info
Species Brute Wyvern
Habitats Ancestral Steppe, Dunes, Old Desert, Desert
Size Medium
Relatives Brachydios
Signature Move Cluster Bomb
Elements None
Ailments Muddy/Slimeblight
Weaknesses Ice
Creator T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting)
Frag Brachydios are subspecies of Brachydios created to make your day a day of endless suffering.


They have a red shell that is so thick, for the millions of years Frag Brachydios have existed, sand has yet to wear down a single scale. This shell is able to make very powerful armor, able to repel hits from a Tigrex. They have blue eyes, but they look a pale white since a membrane covers them when there is a sand or dust storm, or on windy days. Their slime is a sandy brown, since it really is only slime mixed with sand, clumping it together. When the Frag Brachydios hit a surface hard enough, clumps will fly in various directions, quickly change from a green tint to a red tint, then explode. The sand can however run out, and leave Frag Brachydios with just slime. once that is gone, it will finally have to replenish it's slime. When a hunter is hit, they will get both Muddy and Slimeblight at the same time. But they can't just roll out of the slimeblight. Muddy has to wear off, then the hunter can roll out of slimeblight. However, the slime makes the mud run quickly, halving the time Muddy is effective.

Frag Brachydios
Frag Brachydios Icon by The BrilliantLance
Monsters that live in the desert. They are so aggressive, they have been known to attempt to outpace Dragonships until they exit it's territory. Their slime is oddly clumpy, and can break from it's arm, exploding soon after. Incredibly strong shell, however can create armor worth hunting it for.


It's a wonder how their species stays alive. Many males kill other Frag Brachydios that enter their territory, be it another male or a female. In fact, fossils have been found with massive chunks of bone missing, suggesting an explosion killed the animal. It is unknown why they are so territorial. Perhaps the lack of food in the desert means they need to keep their guard up? Either way, nobody knows, and with these creatures' aggression, it's likely nobody will ever know.


They can send clumps of slime flying, like grenades, at a threat. That would be you. When they run out of sand, they can still throw 'grenades', but they will splatter on the ground and go through normal charge-up.

Rage and Tired States

*Rage State:

They will roar incredibly loudly, then dig into the ground. When they come back up, their horn and fists are covered in rock, dealing more damage with melee impacts. It huffs sand in this state.

*Tired State:

They will begin to drool, which will inflict hunters with Muddy if they get covered in drool. It will stumble at the end of certain attacks, and fall over at the end of others.


It has the Brachydios mount as you remember it from Monster Hunter 4.


It shares attacks with Brachydios, so the ones here are specific to it.

Frag Blast

Frag Brachy will spin in a circle, launching frags in all different directions. If they hit a hunter, they explode on impact.

Rock Spears

Frag Brachy (enraged) will plant it's horn into the ground and swing it's head forward, sending a row of rock spears at the target.

Rock Wall

Frag Brachy (enraged) will plant it's horn and limbs into the ground, wait for a second, then send a circle of rocks out from around it. These rocks will temporarily protect Frag Brachy.

Cluster Bomb

Frag Brachy will launch itself into the air, and point it's fist towards the ground. As it hits the ground, frags will go everywhere and explode.

Explosive Exit

The Frag Brachy will attempt to make an exit, while throwing grenades that will explode into smoke, covering Frag Brachy's escape.

Frag Beam

A Frag Brachy will slam it's fists together then send a beam of exploding slime across the area. This will usually make hunters faint instantly.

Breakable Parts

Horn- The horn will break, sending frags everywhere.

Fists (x2)- The fists will break, sending frags in various directions.

Tail- The tail will simply be cut off.


Rarity Name Attack Affinity Sharpness Element Description Price
Dual Blades Icon Light Blue
Frag Pounders 808 35% White/Purple Slime Small replicas of Frag Brachydios fists. Don't use is you have no experience with using explosive devices. 30000z
Hunting Horn Icon Light Blue
Military Bell 980 20% White/Purple Slime A bell made of Frag Brachydios parts. It's melody is soothing and calm rather than explosive. 50000z
Gunlance Icon Light Blue
Claymore Lance EX 1090 30% White/Purple Slime An enhanced version of a weapon used by the army. It shoots grenades, and can channel explosions when they explode inside the barrel. 55000z


Icon Item Name Description Qty Drop Rate Type
Carapace Icon Red
F. Brach Cortex Hard shell of a Frag Brachydios. It is a popular collector's item... If they are brave enough to try and get it. 1-3 40% Body Carve-Shiny Drop
Monster Parts Icon Red
F. Brach Sandshell+ A perfect, already polished, shell. It lacks impurities, and is used to make helmets for the army. 1-3 30% Body Carve-Shiny Drop
Monster Parts Icon Red
F. Brach Scalp+ An expensive, polished scalp. The clumpy slime still on it makes it worth even more. 1 6% Body Carve-Shiny Drop
Medicine Icon Orange
Frag Slime Clumpy slime with a high sand content. Has the consistency of tar. Spec Ops forces sometimes use this to make grenades. 2-3 19% Body Carve-Shiny Drop
Monster Parts Icon Red
F. Brach Pounder+ A polished fist. For being so smooth, it sure hurts to be hit by it. Especially if it's covered in rough Frag Slime. 1-2 59% Body Carve-Shiny Drop
Monster Parts Icon Red
F. Brach Tail A red tail from a Frag Brachydios. Shaped oddly like a hammer, but it can also be re-purposed as a bell. 1 10% Body Carve-Tail Carve
Mantle Icon Red
Frag Pallium A sparkling shell that is perfectly polished. Those who find one are immediately promoted to Commanding Officer, or Top-Class Hunter. 1 2% Body Carve


  • When it's horn is wounded, it cannot perform Rock Spears.
  • When both it's fists and horn are wounded, it cannot perform Rock Wall.

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